No Longer Qualify For Veteran's Educational Benefits?

If you at some time qualified for benefits but are no longer eligible, you may qualify for exemption from in-state tuition charges at Helena College in accordance with the Laws of Montana and Montana University System Board of Regents’ policy.

Applicants must be residents of the State of Montana for in-state tuition and fees under the Board of Regents policy, and have received an Honorable discharge for active duty service other than training purposes (Honorable Under General Conditions will not be accepted.) Applicants must also meet one of the service qualifications (see application for specific details.)

This MUS waiver does NOT waive all charges - tuition charges are waived; all other fees are your responsibility. The waiver may not be used with other state waivers. Students must maintain satisfactory progress for the waiver to remain in effect. In addition, retroactive awards are not made for previous semesters.

Please click the following to apply for the Montana University System Honorable Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver: Click here to apply

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