Honors Pathway Program

Helena College Honors Pathway Program

Helena College-Davidson Honors College Pathway to Honors at University of Montana

The Honors Pathway is the result of an articulation agreement between Helena College and the University of Montana-Davidson Honors College.  The agreement provides a clear route for students in the Helena College Honors Pathway to transfer all of their coursework to UM and ultimately graduate from UM with the Davidson Honors College University Scholar distinction.  All students enrolling in Helena College general transfer degree advising options are eligible to apply for the honors program. Students who successfully complete each of the requirements of the program and apply to UM will be granted admission to the Davidson Honors College with junior standing.

Students must be admitted to Helena College prior to applying for the Honors Pathway Program and must be eligible to enroll in college-level math and English courses.


  1. Student applies to the pathway with the attached application
  2. If accepted, the student must
    1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA
    2. Pass HONR 121: Ways of Knowing with a B- or higher
    3. Take and successfully complete three more courses at the honors designation
    4. Graduate with an AA or AS
    5. Apply to the Davidson Honors College (as a records formality) if he/she plans to transfer (students may be in the honors pathway without transferring to the university, but usually the motivation is to be in the Davidson Honors College)

For more information, download the application or call 406-447-6973.

Current course offerings include the following:

  • HONR 121 Ways of Knowing (required for pathway) (offered spring semester)

  • ARTH 200 Art of World Civilization

  • ARTZ 105 Visual Language Drawing

  • ARTZ 211 Drawing I

  • BIOB 160 Principles 0f Living Systems (offered fall semester)

  • BIOB 260 Cellular and Molecular Biology (offered spring semester)

  • BIOM 250 Microbiology for Hlth Sciences

  • BIOM 251 Microbiology for Hlth Sciences Lab

  • CHMY 143 College Chem II (offered spring semester)

  • CHMY 223 Organic Chem II (offered spring semester)

  • COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communications

  • COMX 282 The Art of Narrative (offered spring semester)

  • PSYX 240 Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology

  • PSYX 250 Fundamentals of Biological Psychology (offered spring semester)

  • PSYX 280 Fundamentals of Cognition and Memory (offered fall semester)

  • SOCI 16O Sociology of Media and Pop Culture (offered fall semester)

  • SOCI 225 Sex and Sexualities (offered spring semester)

One of the courses within the program is HONR 121 “Ways of Knowing.”  All Helena College students may take HONR 121 as an elective in humanities and diversity toward completion of an AA or AS degree, and Pathway students are required to take this foundational course. Texts include writers such as Aristotle, Descartes, Darwin, Kate Chopin, and James Welch and “in the process, we will become acquainted with some of the great ideas about the divine, the natural world, and the self in solitude and society, while remaining alert for cracks in our apparent certainties and consolations in the midst of our doubts” (HC College Catalog 2015-2016).

Helena College student Maggie Whyte created this video as a final project for HONR 121 Ways of Knowing.

For more information, contact Karen Henderson at 406-447-6973 or karen.henderson@HelenaCollege.edu 

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