Paying Your Bill

Your Schedule Bill:

What does your schedule bill mean? Your schedule bill is a combination of your class schedule, the number of registered credits, and the amount it costs to attend Helena College.

Why is it so important to pay/finalize? Until your schedule and corresponding bill are accepted by you online, by mail, or in person, you are not counted as a Helena College student. Your financial aid will not disburse to your account.

If your schedule bill is not paid/finalized by the published payment deadline, you will be dropped from all classes.

How do you access your schedule bill online?

  • Go to MyHC, log in to your account
  • Select Student Services
  • Select Payment and Account Information
  • Select Pay and Finalize your Registration Bill

Financial aid will not be applied to your account until you finalize your schedule bill with the Business Office by the payment deadline. If this is not completed, you will be dropped from your classes.

  • Remember, after you have accepted your Financial Aid you must wait 24 hours for your Business Office account to reflect you have Financial Aid funds for your tuition. If you do not wait, the system will require you to use a credit card or E-check for payment. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

What if you have funding from an outside source? You will not be able to use the online feature. Bring your signed schedule bill in to the cashier. If you have questions, call Student Accounts at 406-447-6921 or email If funding is not showing on your schedule bill, you must notify Student Accounts.

How To Pay Online

Log in to MyHC

  • Click on the “Student Services” link
  • Click on “Payment and Account” Information
  • Click on “Pay and Finalize Registration Bill”
  • Select the semester you will be attending and click on the “Submit” button
  • Click on “Pay/Finalize Registration Bill”

Even if you do not have a balance due, you must pay/finalize your bill with the Business Office.

  • If your Financial Aid (FA) is paying your bill, click on “Pay and Finalize Registration Bill.”
  • If you have a balance due after your FA award, you will need to pay the remaining balance using the e-check or credit card method.
  • If you choose to use the deferred payment method, click on the link provided and complete the online application. You will receive an email once approved with instructions on how to proceed.
  • If you are paying by credit card or e-check, click on “Make Electronic Payment” and choose the preferred method of payment.
  • Enter the appropriate information needed for the payment type you selected; you need a valid 10-digit phone number for the payment to process. (example: 406-867-5309).
  • To ensure enrollment, review your account to ensure all payments have been appropriately applied.

Deferred Payment Plan

Log in to MyHC to complete the application for the deferred payment plan.

There is an additional $30 administration fee.

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