Registration FAQs

How do I add and/or drop classes? What are the deadlines to add/drop classes?

You can add classes through your MyHC up through the 3rd day of classes and drop classes up through the 15th day of classes. After the respective deadlines, you can no longer use the internet, and an add/drop form must be completed. These forms are available at the Registrar’s Office. After the 3rd day of classes an instructor’s signature is required to add a class. An advisor or instructor’s signature is required to drop classes.

Summer and Block session dates for adding/dropping are condensed.

Deadlines are published in the HC website - on the Registrar's Add and Drop courses page, the Academic Calendar, and in the Course Catalog.

How do I register for a class that is full/restricted/conflicts with another class?

An Add form must be used to register for classes that are full, have restrictions, or conflict with another class. An instructor’s permission and signature is necessary to add into courses with registration restrictions. Approval from both instructors is required for classes that have a time conflict. If a desired course is full you must register yourself on the waitlist through your MyHC.  Click here for more information on the waitlist.

How do I withdraw from school?

You will not be able to completely withdraw from classes online and will need to visit East End Advising or call (406) 447-6900. If you withdraw prior to the 15th day of classes, you will receive a prorated refund depending on the date of your withdrawal. No refunds are issued for withdrawals after the 15th day of classes. If you are receiving financial aid, please schedule an appointment with Financial Aid to discuss possible ramifications.

What is the refund policy?
The Refund Policy is only in effect for students who complete a formal withdrawal from all classes. Refunds of tuition and fees (excluding registration and application fees) in the event of withdrawal from all classes are authorized according to the following guidelines:

  • Refunds are made by the Business Office after verification of enrollment status as of the 15th day of classes.*
  • Ninety (90) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded to the end of the 5th day of classes.*
  • Seventy-five (75) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded to the end of the 10th day.*
  • Fifty (50) percent of tuition and fees will be refunded up to the end of the 15th day.*
  • No refunds will be granted after the 15th day of classes.

*Refund breakdown applies to Spring and Fall terms only. Summer and Block session dates for refunds are condensed.  Please see appropriate chart here under Cancellations/Withdrawals.

How/When do I know if other college classes transfer in?

Once an OFFICIAL transcript from your previous college is received, Admissions evaluates it for transfer credits based on your program of study at Helena College. You will receive notification in the mail once your transcripts have been evaluated.

If I repeat a class, does the original grade go away?

The grade will not automatically be removed from your transcript. You must fill out a “Request to Change Grade for Repeated Course” form at the Registrar's office. Once you have turned in the form the original grade will be replaced by an R and it will be excluded from your GPA.

Will the credits I take at Helena College transfer to another school?

It is entirely up to the other school as to what is transferable. You must contact the school you plan to transfer credits to and discuss it with an Admissions counselor or Registrar. Course descriptions, syllabi, and/or other documentation may be requested by the school.  For more information regarding credit transfer in Montana go to MUS Transfer.

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