Academic Advising


Advising at Helena College provides a supportive framework that empowers you to develop a successful plan to meet your academic, personal, and career goals. Through a series of intentional conversations, designed to help you understand your options and empower you to take ownership of this journey, your advisor will help you navigate the college and set you up for success.

Who is your advisor?

Advisors are assigned once an admissions application is complete. Check MyHC and head to the Students Services tab to see who your advisor is and how to contact them, or call 406-447-6900 for assistance.

What to expect from your assigned advisor?

These are the things that you can expect from your assigned advisor during your time at Helena College

  1. Provide you with assistance:
  2. Scheduling and registering for courses
  3. >Developing short and long term goals for academic and career success
  4. Developing action plans if you are struggling academically
  5. Staying on track with the academic requirements for your program and completing a graduation application
  6. Be knowledgeable about academic policies, procedures and deadlines
  7. Connect you to support services (Examples: Financial Aid, Wellness, Tutoring and Coaching, Disability Services)
  8. Maintain student confidentiality
  9. Hold regular advising hours and communicate method of scheduling meetings
  10. Monitor your academic progress

What is expected of you?

These are your responsibilities to ensure you have a productive academic advising experience while at Helena College

  1. Engage in the advising process by:
    • Meeting with your advisor at least once a semester
    • Conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner
    • Ask questions when something is not clear
    • Come prepared to discuss goals, interests, and questions
  2. Identify courses you would like to take before an advising appointment
  3. Review your transcript each semester through MyHC
  4. Be familiar with your degree requirements
  5. Check your Helena College email frequently for updates from the college.
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