Professional Advancement Committee

What is PAC?

The Professional Advancement Committee members act as mentors for new faculty, especially concerned with internal aspects of being a successful faculty member. These aspects could include classroom management, budget/ordering process, navigating/using various technology (LMS, Teams, Assessment Database, etc.), understanding the purpose and need for committee participation, explaining the committee structure at Helena College, recognizing the need for documentation when compiling a portfolio, understanding the need for engaging in ongoing professional development activities and scholarly activities (where applicable), assessment and curriculum development.

PAC (Professional Advancement Committee) members 2023-2024

  • Paul Nicholson (CAM) - Chair
  • Amy Kong (eLearning & Faculty Development)
  • Virginia Reeves (Writing & Communications)
  • Joyce Walborn (Mathematics)
  • John Mclaughlin (Machine Tool)
  • Kim Feig (Sociology)
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