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Accreditation Process

In 2011, the NWWCU implemented a new seven-year accreditation cycle including the following five standards:

  1. Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations
  2. Resources and Capacity
  3. Planning and Implementation
  4. Effectiveness and Improvement
  5. Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation and Sustainability

As stated in the NWCCU Introduction to the Standards:

The five Standards for Accreditation are statements that articulate the quality and effectiveness expected of Accredited institutions, and collectively they provide a framework for continuous improvement within institutions. The five standards also serve as indicators by which institutions are evaluated by peers. The standards are designed to guide institutions in a process of self-reflection that blends analysis and synthesis in a holistic examination”.

Helena College began the new seven-year accreditation cycle in the spring of 2011 with the submission of the Year One Report (Standard 1). The subsequent schedule of reports and site visits is as follows:

Year Three Report (Standard 2)/Evaluation Visit
Spring 2014 (postponed from 2013)
Year Seven Report (Standards 3-5)/Evaluation Visit
Spring 2017

Helena College Year Three Self-Study Committee & Timeline

Interim Accreditation Liaison Officer to NWCCU:

Michael Brown
Director of Institutional Research
1115 N Roberts St
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 447-6947

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