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Graduation Information

Helena College Class of 2021

Commencement Ceremony

Save the Dates

Airport Campus - Friday, May 7, 2021

Donaldson Campus -Saturday, May 8, 2021  

Helena College will be hosting a Gradwalk for the Commencement Ceremony. This will be a fun event that allows the graduate to have their moment of recognition with family and friends while remaining socially distanced.

Graduates have received an invitation in their email. You must RSVP by April 7 in order to participate in the ceremony. If you have not received your invitation please call 447-6900 for more information.

Steps to apply for Graduation:

  1. Complete the Application for Degree/Certification form. A separate application must be completed for each degree you plan to receive. Three ways to complete:
    1. Hard copy forms are located at the Registrar’s Office, Cashier’s Office or Airport Main Office.
    2. Follow this link to complete the form online:
    3. Complete online and print hard copy form by following this link: Graduation Application - PDF
  2. Meet with your Advisor to provide a degree completion review and receive Advisor signature. (Students are encouraged to bring an unofficial transcript)
  3. A fee of $35 is due for the first application and $8 fee for any subsequent applications. The fee will be posted to your account or paid in person when submitting your application.

Graduation Application - PDF

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