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This procedure covers printing in all computer labs, the Library, and the Learning center managed by Helena College’s IT Department.

Helena College Student Printing

If you would like to check your balance or view your printing history:

  1. Visit Helena College Student Print.
  2. At the login screen use yourNetID and password. (The same way you logon to the computers on campus.)

All currently-enrolled Helena College students will receive a printing quota. This quota may be used for standard 8.5" x 11" black and white only. There is a charge for color printing (the Student Senate purchased a color printer, and charge $ 0.25 cents per page, your Quota cannot be used for this printer). The amount of your quota per semester is $ 20.00 (400 single sided pages), or 5 cents per page, for the semester in which you are enrolled. If you exhaust your quota, you will no longer be able to print, until you purchase more credit. At the end of each Semester printing period, any unused quota is deleted. The quota has no cash value; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas.

Quotas are made available at the start of each semester cycle.

The $ 20.00 quota is provided to currently-enrolled students. There is no quota available for faculty, staff, but printing quantities will be monitored.

At the end of the Quota Period, any remaining quota is deleted, this includes paid print cards. Upon Graduation, your quota will be deleted. The quota has no cash value; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas. Deletion of remaining quotas begins at noon 1 week after Graduation. At the beginning of the next Quota Period, a fresh quota of $20.00 will be reinstated. Replenishment occurs on or before noon of the semester start date. Quotas are subject to change at any time.

A. Quota Eligibility

Persons enrolled only in special programs which do not charge a Student Technology Fee (such as non-credit programs) are not eligible for the $ 20.00 quota. They must pay for printing at the front desk of the Helena College Library. Any Student enrolled for classes that has been given a network login account will be eligible for the Quota.

B. Payment for Printing

The $ 20.00 quota applies only to standard-sized black and white printing. There is a separate charge for all color printing. Prices for printing are listed below. These prices are subject to change (not responsible for typographical errors).

  • Standard black & white 8.5” x 11” 5 cents per page
  • Color printing 8.5” x 11”25 cents per page (provided by Student Senate)

C. How to Print

Printing instructions may vary slightly at some locations, but the following are general guidelines for printing:

  • All computer labs, the Learning center, and the Library have a printer installed, and that should already be the default printer.
  • Do your work as needed on the computer. When you are ready to print, issue a print command from your program menu. (If you want to print color, you will need to select the printer from the available printers list). Tip: it is always good practice to save your work before sending a job to the printer
  • If your print job doesn’t immediately print, don’t try to send it a second time, you will be charged twice for the same job (the print server will not allow two or more copies of the same document to print if the same job is sent within 60 seconds).
  • A popup window should show what your current balance is, and if you have enough funds to finish the print job.
  • For Color printing, you will need to select the color printer from the printers list, select the page or pages you wish to print, then print. A popup window will be displayed asking if you approve to the cost and the number of pages to be printed. At this point, if you approve, you will need to go to the Helena College Library to pay for and retrieve your printed color document (your Quota cannot be used for this printer). The pages you selected will remain in a “print release station” until paid for.

D. Using Web print (for personal laptops of current Students)

  1. Click on the following link
  2. At the login screen use yourNetID and password. (The same way you logon to the computers on campus.)
  3. Select “Web Print”
  4. Click on “Submit a Job”
  5. Select a printer (make sure you select the correct one for the room you are in).
  6. Press the “print options” button.
  7. Enter the number of copies to print.
  8. Select the file you wish to print (use the “Browse” button).
  9. At this point, only PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files can be selected.
  10. Click on “Upload” and Complete.

E. Adding Value to your Quota account

  • Students may purchase $5 incraments of Helena College print credit at the Cashier's window at the Donaldson campus. (non-refundable).
  • After purchasing your print credit, bring the recept to the IT department for the credit to be applied to your print account. You can check your account balance at the Web print portal -

F. General Printing Policies and Guidelines for Students

  • Shared Pool - You have one quota shared by all labs. If you print in multiple labs, all printing is drawn off the same quota total.
  • Usage Restrictions - Your printing quota is intended for your personal, academic use only. You may not use your quota to print other people’s work or sell your unused quota. You may not use your printing quota for commercial purposes. You are also restricted to a maximum of 100 pages per printed document.
  • Conserve Your Quota - Your printing quota is intended to be used throughout the Quota Period. It is a good practice to conserve your printing so you will be able to print your work towards the end of the semester. This is particularly important when your coursework requires significant printing for final reports or projects.
  • Unused Quotas - At the end of the printing period (end of each semester), any remaining quota is deleted; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas. There is no cash value to your printing quota. At the beginning of the next semester, a fresh quota will be reinstated. Purchased print cards are also zeroed at the end of the quota period, so use it up!
  • No Refunds for User Errors - Please preview your job before printing to avoid unwanted blank pages or other errors. You will be charged for these pages and there are no refunds. If you use the color printer, review your document and settings carefully. You will be charged for the print regardless of any such errors.
  • Refunds Due to Printer Error - Page refunds are issued only for problems due to defective equipment, such as paper jams or missing ink/toner. Refunds consist of replacement pages only. Quotas have no cash value. Please allow a 24-hour turnaround time (business days only) for any refunds.
  • Guest printing – Guests will need to print to Helena College’s Library printer. There will be a $ 0.05 cent charge per printed black & white page, and will need to be paid before the printed material can be retrieved, please pay at the Helena College Library’s front desk.

This document, including printing quotas and pricing, are subject to change.

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