(If the UMDW installer does not work, you experience problems, or you would like to manually check or install UMDW; here at some things to check)

Log onto the machine using a account that has admin privileges on the computer

Run UMDW Installer:

Download the UMDW Installer and 'Run as Administrator'
(Be sure to reboot after running the installer)
Download UMDW

Install ODBC Drivers:

Check whether Microsoft Access is 32-bit or 64-bit and navigate to:
c:\instantclient_19_6_64\odbc_install.exe (for 64-bit versions of Office)
(The correct version should already be there from running the UMDW installer)
Right click the odbc_install.exe and 'Run as Administrator'

Set Environment Variables:

(These should be set already from running the installer)
Navigate to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables


Look in 'System Variables' for ORACLE_HOME.
Use 'New' or 'Edit' to set ORACLE_HOME to either:
ORACLE_HOME = c:\instantclient_19_6
ORACLE_HOME = c:\instantclient_19_6_64


(Edit Path) Look in 'System Variables' for Path.
Use 'Edit' and append the proper value below to the current value:
For 32 bit Access Users: c:\instantclient_19_6
For 64 bit Access Users: c:\instantclient_19_6_64


Look in 'System Variables' for TNS_ADMIN
IF this is a computer joined to the UM domain, set TNS_ADMIN to: \\ummso1\banner\orant\network\admin
(Make sure the user has access to this path, this is the most common cause of the TNS error below)


TNS Error


Note: If user logs into windows from non UM domain and cannot access the path above.
Set TNS_ADMIN to: c:\instantclient_19_6
Set TNS_ADMIN to:  c:\instantclient_19_6_64


When all is set correctly, the System Variables should look something like this:
Environment Variables

Set the System DSN:

  • Open either the 32-bit or 64-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator, depending on the version of Microsoft Access you have installed.
  • Select the System DSN Tab. You should see UMDW.WORLD in the list, if not:
  • Click the 'Add' button
  • Select 'Oracle in instantclient_19_6, click Finish
  • Enter 'UMDW.WORLD' in the first three text boxes
  • Click 'OK'
  • Download the updated version TNSNAMES.ORA file here.


Create Shortcut on users desktop:

  • Navigate to C:\Users\Public\UMDW
  • Right click on a2bfinancials32.accdb for the 32 bit version
  • Or
  • Right click on a2bfinancials64.accdb for the 64 bit version
  • Create Shortcut and place this shortcut on users desktop
  • Change the shortcut icon to C:\Users\Public\UMDW\umdw.ico
  • Rename the icon UMDW
  • Remove other UMDW icons from the users desktop.

Log in:

  • This shortcut icon  will be present on your desktop
  • Double Click on the desktop icon to open UMDW

Click Open if you see this security notice:

Security Notice

Note: If this yellow bar is across the top of the application make sure you click 'Enable Content' before you continue.

Enable Content

  • Type for the Data Source Name (DSN) 
  • Log In with User Name and password.

Note: This is a separate account that you should have received, not linked to the NetID password.  

Login and Relink


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