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Montana University System Student Insurance Program

Everyone needs health insurance coverage, even students. Good health is essential to your academic success, and adequate insurance makes sure you get the care you need to maintain good health. Unexpected medical bills can also threaten your ability to complete your education if you are uninsured or have inadequate coverage.

Helena College requires all students enrolling in six (6) or more credits each semester to have and to maintain medical coverage while attending the college.

As a member of the Montana University System Student Insurance Program (MUSSIP) Helena College provides insurance to students through Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana. Students taking a minimum of six (6) credits each semester credit are eligible for this insurance plan. High school students participating in dual enrollment programs are not eligible for the insurance plan. Students taking less than six (6) credits may petition to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for consideration.

Students who have major medical insurance coverage may waive the student insurance plan. All students must either purchase or refuse the student insurance plan before registering for classes each semester. The student insurance plan is designed to cover major medical expense including but not limited to hospitalizations, outpatient surgery, prescriptions, and emergency services. The plan does not cover vision, dental, routine exams or contraceptive management.

Coverage begins on the first day of the semester provided payment is made as required within the enrollment period. The premium for the student health insurance plan is due in full upon enrollment following the college’s tuition & fees payment schedule and is not eligible for the deferred payment plan. Students who elect coverage and then withdraw before the 15th day of instruction will receive a full refund of the premium cost for that semester. There are no refunds after the 15th day of instruction. Students who withdraw or drop below six (6) credits after the 15th day of instruction will be charged for and covered by the student insurance plan for the duration of the policy period applicable to each semester.

2023-2024 University of Montana (Helena) Student Health Insurance Plan

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