Online Education - How To Get Started

After you’ve registered, you can log into our Virtual Campus.  You will receive a Net ID number that you will need to login.  It could take a couple of days before your registration is updated through our systems, so keep that in mind.   Here’s how to log in:

Open an internet browsing window using Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the recommended browser; however, if you are having any issues try it in Chrome. If that does not work, contact the IT Department 406-447-6960

Moodle is the system we use to access Helena College Online.   Whenever you need to get into your courses online, you will log into Moodle.

Click on Moodle in the top navigation bar of the website.

Then you’ll click on Net ID and log in.  If you don’t have a Net ID, there is information on this page to help you obtain your Net ID.

Once you’ve logged in, you are now inside Moodle, our virtual campus.  The first thing you want to do is click on Get Started Online.  In this, you can view and overview of the things to look for in each course and how to get around Moodle.

But, remember that the courses you have registered for are not available until the day school starts.

Assistance with eLearning:
Amy Kong
Director of eLearning
Helena College Chat