Parent PLUS Loan Application Process

  1. Complete a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Application and Sign a Direct Parent PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN). If you need assistance completing the MPN, call the Student Loan Support Center at 1-800-557-7394.
  2. Information on the Direct Parent PLUS Loan application will be entered as estimated financial aid into the student’s financial aid package. Credit approval will be made by the Department of Education.
  3. If the Direct Parent PLUS Loan credit decision is denied, the school is notified by the Department of Education.
    • Direct Loans will automatically send the parent borrower an appeal packet outlining the steps to take to appeal the credit decision or to obtain an endorser for the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan.
    • If the credit decision is overridden, the Department of Education will automatically notify the school of the approval status.
  4. If the Direct Parent PLUS credit decision or appeal is denied, the student is eligible to receive additional Unsubsidized Stafford loans.
    • This option is not available to the student if one parent is denied and another parent is approved credit for a Direct Parent PLUS or if the parent pursues a credit override by submitting an appeal or gaining an endorser and is granted approval.
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