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NOTE: This program is currently in moratorium.

This program is not accepting new students.  For more information, please contact Ryan Loomis at 447-6904.

The Water Resources Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in water-related fields. Program Graduates can enter regulatory, private, and non-profit entities as water efficiency technicians, hydrologic technicians, and water specialists.

The Water Resource Program is a career-technical curriculum offering an Associate of Applied Science in Water Resources. This AAS degree focuses on water quality and quantity including biologic and environmental aspects of water while also emphasizing the nature of water in relation to earth system processes. A degree in Water Resources will prepare a student to handle a variety of water issues including evaluation of water use patterns, recommending water efficiency techniques, use of GIS and map interpretation, water collection and analysis, interpretation of water policies, technical report writing, and field methodologies.

Note: The Water Resources Program is delivered primarily online. Consult an academic advisor regarding optional coursework if considering transferring credits to a four-year institution.

Gainful Employment

Water Resources Associate of Applied Science

Water Resources Career Outlook: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of environmental science and protection technicians is expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Heightened public interest in the hazards facing the environment, as well as the increasing demands placed on the environment by population growth, are expected to spur demand for environmental science and protection technicians. Further demand is expected as a result of new and increasingly complex environmental laws and regulations.

Most employment growth for environmental science and protection technicians is projected to be in private consulting firms. More businesses and governments are expected to use these firms in the future to help them monitor and manager the environment and comply with regulations.

Environmental science and protection technicians should have good opportunities for employment. In addition to openings due to growth, many job openings are expected to be created by those who retire or leave the occupation for other reasons. Job candidates with an associate’s degree or experience should have the best opportunities.

Job opportunities available in state and local governments will vary from year to year with the budgets of state and local environmental protection agencies.

Employment Opportunities with SOC Code:
Water Waste Water Treatment 51-8031.00
Environmental Science Technician 19-4091.00
Salary Forecast:  MT CO
Water Waste Water Treatment 51-8031.00 35,410 49,760
Environmental Science Technician 19-4091.00 36,970 54,580

For the most current salary information please refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Occupational Outlook Handbook found at www.bls.gov/ooh/.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/environmental-science-and-protection-technicians.htm (visited February 26, 2013).

Program Cost:
Approximately $8,700

Length of Program: 4 Semesters
Type of Program: Associate of Applied Science
Semester of Entry: Fall and Spring. The suggested sequence in this catalog is for students entering in the fall semester. Please see your advisor for a suggested spring entry sequence.


Fall Semester

BIOB160 Principles of Living Systems 4
ENSC105 Environmental Science 3
ENSC272 Water Resources 3
GEO101 Introduction to Physical Geology 3
GEO102 Introduction to Physical Geology Lab  1
Choose one of the following: 3
     M121 College Algebra 
     MATH171  Calculus I
Total Semester Credits 17

Spring Semester

CAPP131 Basic MS Office  3
CHMY121 Introduction to General Chemistry 3
CHMY122 Introduction to General Chemistry Lab 1
EVSC135 Topographic Maps and Aerial Photo Interpretation 3
EVSC150 Hydrologic Measurements 3
Choose one of the following: 3
     WRIT101 College Writing I 
     WRIT121T  Intoduction to Technical Writing
Total Semester Credits 16

Summer Semester

GEN288 Internship 6
Total Semester Credits 6


Fall Semester

EVSC140 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 3
EVSC211 Environmental Policy and Laws 4
EVSC215 Ground Water Hydrology 3
EVSC220 Surface Water Hydrology 3
Choose one of the following: 3
     ENSC245 Soils 
     ENSC270  Water Quality  
Total Semester Credits 16

Spring Semester

COMX111  Introduction to Public Speaking 3
ENSC242 Environmental Sampling I 3
EVSC233 Environment and the Economy 3
GPHY262 Spacial Sciences Technology and Applications 3
Choose one of the following: 3
     WRIT210 Scientific Report Writing 
     WRIT201  College Writing II  
Total Semester Credits 15
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