Student Information

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

As an institution of higher education, Helena College endeavors to develop resources and provide services that meet its students’ educational needs. It is within this context that the College provides students with access to computers, along with access to a wide variety of online material.

Students may find some of the material available online to be inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated; they may find other material sexually explicit or offensive. Helena College does not guide, monitor, or censor students’ computer research. The College does, however, restrict the use of computers, computer files, or network resources in the following ways:

  1. Students are prohibited from violating copyright laws and from engaging in theft or file theft with regard to College computers.
  2. Students may not use College computers to violate others’ privacy, to harass or intimidate others, to send abusive or patently offensive and unwanted material to others, or to interfere with the work of others. As students' distribute or make material available to others, they need to be aware of people’s sensitivities toward information or graphics that may seem offensive.
  3. Students may not deliberately crash, or otherwise impair workstations or computer systems at the College, modify files without authorization, damage files, alter data, introduce viruses, penetrate or harm operating systems, resell bandwidth, or engage in any other illegal acts promulgated from or targeting the College’s computers.
  4. Students are prohibited from concealing or misrepresenting their names or affiliations to mask irresponsible, offensive, or illegal behavior.
  5. Students are prohibited from sharing their Helena College network username and password with other students or family members.

Misuse of computer or network resources may constitute trespass, disruptive behavior, or sexual harassment and will not be tolerated by Helena College. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in loss of electronic access, expulsion from a course or the College, and/or legal prosecution.

Student Government Association of Helena College

Helena College has an active, dynamic, and involved student organization called the Student Government Association of Helena College (SGAHC). The goals of SGAHC are to help provide the students with a quality educational environment, provide a forum for student expression, promote the general welfare of the college, and establish student activities. SGAHC sponsors social activities throughout the year, including barbecues, student contests and competitions, holiday parties, and awareness/fundraising events on behalf of various community service organizations. The organization also uses its funds for the promotion of future projects, clubs, and scholarships.

SGAHC is comprised of student representatives from each academic program and all officially recognized student organizations. Representatives are elected by student vote in the spring. Student representatives serve as the main communication link between SGAHC and the student body. Representatives bring student suggestions to the organization and keep students informed about student government, school activities, and important campus issues.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The College interprets and develops procedures for implementation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and Montana Statutes specifically as they apply to the Helena College University of Montana for affording students certain rights with respect to their education records.

Definition of a Student Education Record

Education records do not include an instructor’s or staff’s personal notes on a student which are in the sole possession of the maker, employment records (except work-study records), records created or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professionals, library records, and alumni records.

Rights Afforded to Students under FERPA

Students have specific rights concerning their education record:

  1. The right to inspect and review their education record.
  2. The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosures without consent.
  3. The right to file complaints with the Family Policy Compliance Office concerning alleged failures of Helena College University of Montana to comply with the requirements of FERPA. Written complaints should be directed to:
The Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-5920

Disclosures Made without Student’s Consent

Helena College may disclose student information under the following circumstances in accordance with FERPA:

  • To employees with a legitimate educational interest. Legitimate educational interest is defined as needing the records to carry out employee responsibilities.
  • To authorized representatives of the United States Comptroller General, Attorney General, Secretary of Education, or state and local educational authorities.
  • In connection with the application or receipt of financial aid when the information is necessary to determine eligibility, amount of the aid, determine the conditions of the aid, and enforce the conditions of the aid.
  • To another institution where a student seeks to enroll or is enrolled.
  • To state and local juvenile justice systems or their officials.
  • To organizations conducting educational studies.
  • To contractors, consultants, or volunteers providing the institution services.
  • To accrediting organizations carrying out their accrediting functions.
  • In compliance with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena.
  • To appropriate parties in an emergency if the information will help assist in resolving the emergency.
  • To victims of an alleged perpetrator of a crime, disciplinary records maintained by colleges concerning the alleged crime.
  • In connection with a disciplinary proceeding at the college.
  • To parents of a student under 21 in connection with alcohol or controlled substances violations at the college.
  • If designated as directory information (and the student has not opted out).

Students may request that directory information not be released without their consent. Requests for non-disclosure need to be made through the Registrar’s office. They are in effect the date the student makes the request and will only be revoked if the student requests it in writing. Students should be aware that if they choose this option, Helena College will not provide enrollment or graduation verifications without the student’s written consent.

Disclosure to Parents

In accordance with Montana Statute §20-25-515 MCA, Helena College will not give out information to parents unless the student has provided written permission. If students would like to provide access to their parents, they need to sign a Release of Information form at the Registrar’s office.

Disclosure of Records to Students

Helena College requires students to present their picture identification for all transactions. Any student wishing to receive information over the phone will need to fill out a Release of Information form at the Registrar’s office. Students will be required to know a password and their student identification number to receive information over the phone.

Disclosure to Potential Employers

Helena College discloses graduation dates and dates of attendance as part of its directory information. Students interested in a specific job reference from a faculty member, including performance in courses, must complete the Student Release for Job Referral/Reference form with the appropriate faculty member.

Access to Records

Students may access their records by providing a written request to the office where the records are held. The office will make arrangements to provide access to the records within 45 days of the request. Students may not have access to the following records:

  • Financial information submitted by parents.
  • Confidential letters and statements of recommendation, which the student has waived the right to review.
  • Education Records containing information about another student; however, the student will have access to the parts of the record that only concern the student requesting the information.

Directory Information

Helena College has defined the following as directory information and may release it to the public without notifying the student:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Major Field of Study
  • Enrollment Status (full-time, part-time)
  • Participation in officially recognized activities
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Degrees and academic awards (e.g. dean’s list, honor roll, graduation honors)
  • Most recent educational agency/institution attended
  • College assigned student email address
  • Photographic, video, or electronic images

Fees for Copies of Records

There is a $3 fee for official academic transcripts. A copy of all other records is provided free of charge.

Right of Helena College to Refuse Copies of Records

Helena College reserves the right to refuse students copies of their student records, including their transcript, if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the school or an unresolved disciplinary action against the student.


Students should address questions, concerns, or problems concerning this policy to the Registrar’s office, Donaldson Campus, 1115 North Roberts, Helena, MT 59601.

Food Service

The Helena College food service is located in the Student Center at the Donaldson Campus and provides breakfast and lunch menus, and beverages and snacks, Monday through Friday when class is in session during the academic year. Daily specials and a limited selection of vegetarian options are available. The food service accepts cash, credit cards (with the exception of American Express), and checks made payable to Helena College for the amount of purchase only. The Donaldson Campus also features a full service Coffee Counter with a wide selection of hot and cold drinks. The Coffee Counter is open Monday through Friday during the academic year. The Coffee Counter accepts cash, credit cards (with the exception of American Express), and checks made payable to Helena College. Vending machines are located in the Student Center at the Donaldson Campus and in the Student Lounge on the second floor at the Airport Campus.

Health Insurance

Students enrolled in six or more credits each semester are required to have and maintain medical insurance while attending Helena College. The college makes coverage available for students through the Montana University System Student Insurance Plan (MUSSIP) provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT). The insurance plan is available to all students taking a minimum of six credits. The insurance plan provides major medical and prescription coverage including but not limited to hospitalizations, outpatient surgery, and emergency services. The plan does not cover vision or dental. High school students participating in dual enrollment programs are not eligible for the insurance plan.

The student insurance plan is elected or waived during registration for the fall and spring semesters and students must purchase or refuse the coverage each semester by the 15th day of instruction. Students having major medical insurance coverage may waive the student insurance plan. Coverage begins on the first day of the semester provided that payment is made as required within the enrollment period. Students who elect coverage and then withdraw or drop below six credits before the 15th day of instruction will receive a full refund of the premium cost for that semester. There are no refunds after the 15th day of instruction. Students who withdraw or drop below six credits after the 15th day of instruction will be fully charged and covered by the student insurance plan for the duration of the policy period applicable to each semester. Students will not be allowed to enroll in the student insurance plan after the 15th class day unless proof is furnished documenting a major life event (loss of insurance, loss of employment, etc.). In such cases, the premium will not be prorated, and the cost will be the same as the beginning of the semester. Plan coverage and premium costs are published each academic year in the MUSSIP campus brochure and on the Helena College website. For more information visit, or contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at 406-447-6903

Housing Resources

Helena College is a non-residential campus. Apartment rentals in the Helena area average $600 - $900 per one/two bedroom apartment. The College’s housing brochure offers some tips on finding housing as well as helpful contact information for newspapers, apartment finders, housing complexes, and child care. A housing bulletin board is also maintained in the Welcome Center at the Donaldson Campus. Students are encouraged to consult the classified advertising section of the Helena Independent Record which can be accessed online at


The mission of the Helena College Library is to enable student success in the programs and degrees offered at the college. In addition, the library exists as a quiet place of study and inquiry, fostering the concepts of lifelong learning, intellectual freedom, and cultural enrichment.

The library is located in Room 140 on the Donaldson Campus and houses over 10,000 titles, three daily newspapers, and more than 90 print magazines and journals reflecting the diversity of programs at the College. Through the online catalog shared with our affiliate libraries (UM-Missoula, Montana Tech, and UM-Western), users have the ability to place holds on books and DVD’s and have them delivered to Donaldson or Airport campuses. The library website ( also provides full-text online access to articles from periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers), reference sources, and scholarly e-books, as well as e-books and e-audio books for leisure reading. All electronic resources are available from home or other off-campus locations.

In addition to the collection, the library provides five computers for public use, Wi-Fi access and printing, group and quiet study areas, a photocopier, black and white and color printers, and a scanner. The library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with local libraries and access to libraries throughout Montana and the nation through interlibrary loan. A professional library staff member is available during open hours for individual assistance or group instruction.

Montana Campus Compact

Helena College is a member in good standing of The Montana Campus Compact. Through this affiliation, Helena College has shown its commitment to civic engagement by students, faculty, and staff.

The Montana Campus Compact is a coalition of college and university presidents, chancellors, and deans committed to fostering the values and skills of citizenship in Montana students through active involvement in civic engagement activities. To meet this goal, The Montana Campus Compact works to:

  • Award student scholarships, faculty grants, and resources to member campuses to support civic engagement activities;
  • Organize conferences, forums, and workshops to develop civic engagement initiatives;
  • Foster partnerships between campus, business, community, and government leaders;
  • Provide timely research and service related to its member campuses; and,
  • Assist in state legislation promoting public and community service.

Students interested in finding out more about Campus Compact opportunities at Helena College should contact the Career Services Coordinator at 406-447-6941.


Permits are required in all Helena College parking areas. Permits are obtained by application from the Cashier’s office at the Donaldson Campus for a $15 fee and are valid for each academic year. Temporary permits good for one day are available from the Helena College Welcome Center. Parking permits must be clearly displayed and visible from the outside of the vehicle. Citations for unpermitted vehicles are $10, and in the event a vehicle is towed, the owner will be responsible for the impoundment fee. Penalties for violation of handicapped parking laws will be applied to the fullest extent of the law.

Handicapped Parking

All Helena College students who park in handicapped parking in the Helena College parking lot must purchase a Helena College parking permit for the academic year. Parking permits are $15 at the cashier’s window.

It is against the law to use anyone else’s handicapped parking permit. This law also applies to disabled veteran plates.

If you park illegally in any part of the handicapped parking stalls or ramps, you will be ticketed appropriately. Repeat offenders may have their vehicle impounded and be responsible for recovery expenses.

If you believe that someone is parked illegally in a handicapped parking space, please contact the Administrative Associate to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at 406-447-6900 or Director of Facilities at 406-447-6936.

Parts and Supplies (Airport Campus)

Mechanical parts and technical supplies necessary for trades programs are available from the parts department located in room 105 at the Airport Campus. All parts and materials for assigned projects must be ordered through the parts department. Invoices will be posted to the work order at a 20% mark-up above the cost to the College. Personal work done by students must also have assigned work orders; however, the College is not liable for any personal work performed by students.

Personal Property Responsibility

Each student is responsible for his or her own personal property brought on campus, and students are encouraged to provide adequate security for their possessions. Any theft or damage to personal property should be reported to campus maintenance or the Welcome Center on the Donaldson Campus.

Student Handbook

The Helena College Student Handbook is intended to provide students with basic information about services as well as policies and procedures related to student rights, responsibilities, and conduct as members of the campus community. The handbook is published each academic year and includes a weekly calendar planner. Student handbooks can be obtained at orientation programs or from the Welcome Center or the Student Support Center, or the college bookstore. They are also available online at the college website,

Student Information Change

Students may change their address and phone number through the online student information system “MyHC” on the Helena College website. Students may also make the change by completing a Name and Address form at the Registrar’s office.

Student Name Change

A student who needs to update his or her name needs to complete the Name and Address form at the Registrar’s office. Valid proof of the name change will need to be presented at the time the form is completed. Examples of proof include a marriage certificate or an updated Social Security Card.

Student Records and Transcripts

Student records are only released with a written request from the student. The request must include the student’s signature, dates of attendance, student ID or SSN, and information on where the transcript should be sent. There is a $3 fee for official transcripts. Requests for transcripts may be sent to Helena College with a check, money order, or credit card, to the following address:

Registrar’s Office
1115 North Roberts
Helena, MT 59601

Transcripts may also be ordered online through the Helena College website at

Students attending Helena College after school year 2000 can access their unofficial transcripts through our website by clicking on “MyHC” and logging into a secure area.

Transcripts/Diplomas are withheld if a student owes a debt to the College or has not completed Loan Exit Counseling.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Conduct Code embodies the ideals of academic integrity, honesty, and responsible citizenship. It governs all academic work and student behavior at Helena College. The principles and policies that make up the Code set forth the standards of acceptable student conduct, disciplinary sanctions, and procedures to be followed in adjudicating charges of both academic and non-academic misconduct. For information regarding student rights and responsibilities, conduct code, and due process, please refer to the current Helena College Student handbook or contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at 406-447-6903.

Student Support Services

Advising and Academic Assistance

The Student Support Center, located on the Donaldson Campus, room 139, provides academic and personal support to assist student success in college. The center provides placement testing, advising, and academic support. Academic advising available in the center includes initial and ongoing academic advising, transfer information, career planning, and academic success strategies. For appointments or for services offered in the Student Support Center, students can call 406-447-6939. Walk-ins are welcome.

Career Services

Career Services helps students gain skills and information to secure employment. The Career Services Coordinator provides workshops and individual counseling assisting students with exploring career choices, resume writing, and interviewing. Placement after graduation is not guaranteed and is influenced by the economy, occupational demand, student aptitudes, and academic records. Students interested in obtaining assistance with employment should contact the Career Services Coordinator at 406-447-6941. More information can be found on the Career Services page of the College’s website:


Short-term personal support is available to students who are experiencing difficulties that may be interfering with their educational progress. The emphasis is on clarifying choices, handling difficult situations, and accessing community resources. Appointments with a licensed counselor can be made through the Office of Disability and Veterans Resources located on the Donaldson Campus, room 119 or the Student Support Center, Donaldson Campus, room 139.

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center supports academic programs at the College. Students will find computer labs for their use that includes various software applications and printing capability, as well as peer and professional tutors who offer free tutoring in most academic areas. All assistance is designed to meet the specific learning needs of each student. Study skills and other student-based workshops can be offered through the Student Support Center upon request. These services are housed in the Student Support Center on the Donaldson Campus, room 139.

Disability Resources

Services for students with disabilities are provided at Helena College under the guidelines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (as amended). Access to the College’s programs and facilities is provided for all qualified students, and discrimination based on disability against any student is specifically prohibited under these laws. Services are housed in the Office of Disability and Veterans Resources on the Donaldson Campus, room 119. Students are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Disability Resources as early as possible for reasonable accommodations. Accommodated testing is also available in this area. It is the student’s choice to disclose any disability as well as his or her responsibility to request accommodations. Certain persons with disabilities may qualify for educational assistance through Montana Vocational Rehabilitation and should contact that office at 406-444-1710 for more information. All documentation related to the Helena College student’s disability is kept in separate and confidential files in the office of Disability Resources, although it is still part of the student’s educational record. More information can be found on the Disability Resources page of the College’s website: Students may also want to call 406-447-6952 for information.

Veterans Education Benefits

Veteran Resources, located on the Donaldson Campus in room 119, serves as a liaison between the college and the Veteran’s Administration. Applications for Veteran’s benefits are obtained online at

The Veterans Administration expects veterans to make satisfactory academic progress and pursue a final educational objective. All veterans and eligible persons receiving benefits are required to report promptly when they drop or add courses, or withdraw completely to the Veteran Resources Program Coordinator.

A Veterans fee waiver may be available for veterans who have exhausted their chapter benefits. Students should contact the Financial Aid office for further information.

The Veteran’s Mentoring Program is available for incoming veterans and dependents of veterans with assistance transitioning to college. The peer mentor is a point of contact for information, support and guidance to new students.

GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway for all eligible Active Duty, National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance. This site allows soldiers to manage their education records including college classes, testing, on-duty classes and Army Education Counselor support.

Free counseling services are provided by Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors well versed with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and family issues. Family members are invited and the counseling can remain nameless and paperless.

The Veteran Resources Program Coordinator can be contacted at 406-447-6953. More information can be found at

Higher Education Assistance (HEA) and Tribal Grants

from the HEA or the student’s tribe. For more information, students should contact the Tribal Educational Specialist.

Note: All benefit information must be reported to the Financial Aid Office.

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