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This degree program is specifically designed for students seeking admissions into the Skaggs School of Pharmacy at the University of Montana–Missoula. Upon completion of this degree, students desiring a professional (Pharm.D.) degree in Pharmacy Practice or Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences are eligible to apply for admissions into UM-Missoula’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy. Note: Students in this program must also complete the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) and complete 20 hours of volunteer or paid service in a pharmacy, or other health care, or social field. This program satisfies the two-year pre-professional requirement and offers eligibility for application to the Skaggs School of Pharmacy at the UM–Missoula and does not guarantee admission. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses.

I.  General Education Core (31+ credits)

The General Education Core of the Helena College University of Montana provides students with the broad foundation of knowledge essential for success at the associate and baccalaureate levels.

All students are prepared for independent, abstract, and critical thinking; responding creatively to problems; applying quantitative and mathematical knowledge; finding information; and communicating both orally and in written forms. This is done to engender life-long learning skills, a foundation of knowledge in a variety of disciplines, and a broadened perspective on our interdependent, changing global community.

A:  Natural Science/Mathematics 10+ credits)
    Math and Natural Science Outcomes

  • Understand and demonstrate methods used to gather, test, and interpret scientific data
  • Understand basic principles that explain the natural world
  • Solve quantitative problems and interpret solutions
  • Use inductive and deductive scientific reasoning to solve novel problems
Course Number Course Title Credits
CHMY141 College Chemistry I 3
CHMY142 College Chemistry I Lab 1
M171  Calculus I 4
STAT216 Introduction to Statistics 3

B:  Written Communication (6 credits)
     Written/Oral Communications Outcomes

  • Demonstrate mastery of engaging, clear, and coherent structures for presenting ideas in a variety of expository and argumentative models
  • Develop ideas logically, clearly, convincingly, and ethically
  • Control the effect of voice in achieving specific communication purposes with specific audiences.
  • Control the conventions of language
  • Understand and apply research skills necessary for academic study
  • Employ analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in both writing and reading
  • Exercise proficiency, confidence, and self-reliance in the application of academic activities
Course Number Course Title Credits
WRIT101 College Writing I 3
WRIT201 College Writing II 3

C:  Oral Communication (3 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credits
COMX111 Introduction to Public Speaking 3

D:  Social and Psychological Sciences (6+ credits)
     Social and Psychological Science Outcomes

  • Have an awareness of major perspectives in social and individual behavior
  • Be able to apply social science theories to multicultural perspectives
  • Understand how historical experiences influence current theories
  • Be able to apply critical thinking skills
  • Be able to recognize and practice ethical research techniques
Course Number Course Title Credits
Choose one of the following:
ANTY101 Anthropology & the Human Experience 3 (D)
NASX105 Introduction to Native American Studies 3 (D)
AND one of the following:
PSYX100 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOCI101 Introduction to Sociology 3

E:  Humanities/Fine Arts (6+ credits)
     Humanities and Fine Arts Outcomes

  • Identify a variety of artistic styles, movements, schools of thought/expression, and cultures
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a range of human expressions and values using critical strategies
  • Engage in imaginative expression
  • Appreciate a diversity of world-views or perspectives

Course Number Course Title Credits
Choose two of the following: 3
ARTZ105 Visual Language – Drawing 3
ARTZ106 Visual Language – 2-D Foundations 3
HSTA101 American History I 3
HSTA102 American History II 3
LIT110 Introduction to Literature 3
MUSI101 Enjoyment of Music 3
PHL110 Problems of Good and Evil 3
THTR101 Introduction to Theater 3
THTR120 Introduction to Acting I 3
Note:  200-Level courses from the designated list of humanities/fine arts courses may be used with

permission of the Helena College pre-pharmacy advisor.

F:  Diversity Requirement:  See Section D
    Diversity Component Outcomes

  • Students will appreciate diversity across cultures and be able to reflect upon their own cultural values and systems.
  • Students will understand and be able to analyze the complex political, social, and economic relationships within and among cultures.
  • Students will appreciate the creative works, values, and ways of life and/or history of a cultural group outside of their own culture.

II.  Additional General Education Requirements for Degree-Seeking Students (4+ credits)

CHMY143 College Chemistry II 3*
CHMY144 College Chemistry II Lab 1

Total General Education Requirements (Minimum) 36


Required Courses:

Course Number Course Title Credits
BIOH201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab 4
BIOH211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab 4*
BIOB260 Cell and Molecular Biology with w/Lab 4
CHMY221 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHMY222 Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
CHMY223 Organic Chemistry II 3*
CHMY224 Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
ECNS201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
PHSX205 College Physics I 3
PHSX206 College Physics I Lab 1

Total Program Requirements (Minimum)          29

Total Degree Requirements (Minimum)            65


According to the agreement with the University of Montana-Missoula Skaggs School of Pharmacy, students desiring to apply for admission to the School of Pharmacy program must also complete the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) and complete 20 hours of volunteer or paid service in a pharmacy, or other health care, or social field and an evaluation form filled out by someone involved with the applicant in such an experience. Completion of all these criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the UM-Missoula Skaggs School of Pharmacy Program.

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