Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Human Services

Psychology Transfer

This subject is an introduction to the scientific study of behavior in humans and other animals, including the biological bases of behavior, learning and memory, cognition, motivation, developmental and social processes, psychological disorders, and their treatment. Students will receive an introduction to the relationships between neurological structures and mechanisms and their corresponding psychological cognitive processes. Origins and adaptations of structures and behaviors as well as the methods used to study these relationships are also reviewed. Clinical applications of course material are examined as this subject serves as an exploration of the scientific study of how people think about one another, influence one another, and relate to one another. It emphasizes the situation, the person, and personal reactions to situations, as well as the application of social psychological principles to different societies and cultures.

Social Work Transfer to UM

This degree program is specifically designed for students seeking admissions into the School of Social Work at the University of Montana-Missoula. Upon completion of this degree, students desiring a B.S.W. are eligible to apply for admissions into UM-Missoula’s School of Social Work’s fully online or Missoula-based programs.


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