Metals Technology

Machining & Welding

Metals technology is designed to prepare students as entry-level technicians in many areas. Students will study machining processes and procedures, properties of metals, blueprint reading, and inspection techniques. Welding skills (including practical, theoretical, and technical training) are taught using oxyacetylene, manual stick electrode, semiautomatic Mig, Tig (Heliarc), dualshield Mig, and various additional processes. Miller Electric has chosen Helena College as one of its regional training centers. Therefore, students will receive training on the latest state-of-the-art equipment in Mig, Tig (Heliarc) and Stick Electrode. Students will work from blueprints, follow exact specifications, and apply practical shop math to accomplish the required tasks. Much of the lab time in both areas will be used for shop project work. Students may being their instruction in the two-year Metals Technology program, depending upon the space available, in either the machine tool or the welding area.

Students have an option in the Metals Technology program to take courses either during the day or in the evening.

Metals Technology A.A.S.

First Semester Courses
Course # Title
MCH120 Blueprint Reading and Interpretation for the Machinist
MCH130 Machine Shop
MCH132 Introduction to Engine Lathes
MCH134 Introduction to Mills
M111T Technical Mathematics
Second Semester Courses
Course # Title
MCH136 Advanced Lathes
MCH137 Advanced Mills
MCH139 Grinding Applications
MCH240 Metallurgy
MCH245 Shop Practices
WRIT121T Introduction to Technical Writing
Third Semester Courses
Course # Title
WLDG107 Industrial Safety for Welding
WLDG112 Cutting Processes
WLDG135 GMAW Theory and Practical Application
WLDG181 SMAW Theory and Practical Application
COMX106 Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace
Fourth Semester Courses
Course # Title
WLDG117 Blueprint Reading and Weld Symbols
WLDG131 Layout, Metal Forming, and Fabrication
WLDG141 GTAW Theory and Practical Application
WLDG151 Shop Practices
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