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Criminal Justice Transfer to MSUN

Criminal Justice Associate of Arts/Associate of Science to Bachelor of Science Via Articulation Agreement with MSU Northern This articulation agreement applies to the A.A. or A.S. degrees with the Social and Psychological Sciences option, for students seeking admission to the fully online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (CJ) program at Montana State University Northern. A criminal justice degree prepares students for a career in a diverse and challenging field. From jobs in police services to adult and juvenile corrections to homeland security, The criminal justice program offers exciting professional and educational opportunities for students. Students will be able to understand many diverse topics, including crime prevention and enforcement, the legal system, corrections, conflict management, and psychology by taking courses in MSU-N's criminal justice program. They will learn to focus on practical knowledge as well as deeper, more complex issues that relate to law enforcement and the corrections system in criminal justice program.

Students will learn a variety of areas in the field of criminal justice including:

Criminal Law – Study the underlying doctrines and selected rules of criminal law; the sources of substantive criminal law and historical development of common law principles of criminal responsibility; and constitutional constraints on the decision to define behavior as criminal. Criminology - Explore the various sociological, psychological, and biological theories that seek to explain criminal behavior, examine the problem of crime in contemporary society and study conflict resolution skills utilized in the criminal justice system.

Law Enforcement – Examine the different law enforcement jobs within the criminal justice system, analyze their duties and responsibilities, the investigation of crimes, and discuss current topics and trends.

Corrections – Explore the functions of the Federal, State and local Correctional systems; including Probation, Parole and Juvenile detention.

Policy and Procedure – Learn how cases are adjudicated in the justice system, the creation and implementation of criminal justice policies and procedures, and the role the public plays in effecting change in governmental agencies.

Graduates from the criminal justice program go on to pursue careers in state, county, and city agencies as well as federal and private organizations. Nationwide growth estimates in fields related to criminal justice, including police detectives, correctional officers, probation officers, security officers, and private investigators, range from 5-21%.

For more information, students may contact Helena College Admissions Counselor at (406) 447-6900.

Fire and Emergency Services

The Fire and Emergency Services program is designed to prepare graduates for entry into the challenging and competitive field of fire and emergency services. The program concentrates on industry recognized certifications and the U.S. Fire Administration’s Federal Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Curriculum, while also providing the student with a well-rounded general education and 4-year degree transfer opportunities. Successful students will be well-trained and qualified to enter and advance in careers with fire and emergency services agencies across Montana and around the country. The program includes options for a 1-year Certificate of Applied Science and a 2-year Associate of Science Degree in Fire and Emergency Services.

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