Elementary Education

Is your superpower teaching?

This 2+2 degree program is specifically designed for students seeking admissions into the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences–University of Montana. Students pursuing this degree will complete an Associate of Science degree with an advising option in Elementary Education at Helena College. Courses at the junior and senior level will be delivered remotely via synchronous web streaming to a classroom at Helena College, thus allowing students to participate in real-time lectures and classroom discussions without requiring their physical presence on the UM campus in Missoula.

  • Professors with experience as licensed K-8 teachers
  • Four semesters of placements at K-8 schools
  • National CAEP Accreditation

Elementary Education A.S.

First Semester Courses
Course # Title
BIOB101 Discover Biology
BIOB102 Discover Biology Lab
COMX111 Introduction to Public Speaking
COMX115 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
HSTA101 American History I
HSTA102 American History II
M132 Numbers and Operations for K-8 Teachers
WRIT101 College Writing I
Second Semester Courses
Course # Title
GEO101 Introduction to Physical Geology
GEO102 Introduction to Physical Geology Lab
HEE233 Health Issues of Children and Adolescents
LIT110 Introduction to Literature
M133 Geometry and Geometric Measurement for K-8 Teachers
---- Humanities/Fine Art Elective
Third Semester Courses
Course # Title
ARTZ 102 Fundamentals of Art for Elementary Teachers
GPHY121 Human Geography
M234 Advanced Topics in Mathematics for K-8 Teachers
PHSX226 General Science: Integrated Physical Science I
PHSX227 General Science: Integrated Physical Science I Lab
PSCI210 Introduction to American Government
Fourth Semester Courses
Course # Title
EDU231 Literacy and Literature for Children
EDU297 Methods: K-8 Music
HEE 202 Instructional Strategies in Elementary Physical Education
HSTA255 Montana History
NASX105 Introduction to Native American Studies
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