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Automotive Technology

Grease monkey? Motorhead? Wrench?

How about Master?

Your Associate of Applied Science degree will provide you with the skills to become certified as well as work in any shop with professional skills that will set you apart from the rest. Do you have aspirations of owning your own shop? Let’s build some business courses into your academic plan.

Your two year degree will offer the opportunity to go right into the field of automotive repair. Many students choose to graduate with a Master ASE Certification.

Our curriculum consists of eight areas of study as defined by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and is certified by the Automotive Sevice Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation.

Hands-on training will allow you to enter the workforce as a skilled technician with knowledge based on current technology.

Speaking of current technology. We also offer a certificate in Hybrid Service Technology.

Helena College is pleased to be a Subaru-U partner school. Students at participating Subaru-U partner schools can gain valuable knowledge of Subaru vehicle systems that can better prepare them for possible employment in any one of approximately 600 Subaru retailers nationwide.

Grease monkey? Motorhead? Wrench?

Call it what you want. Our students graduate as skilled professionals ready to go to work.

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Program cost

$8,000 - $8,500 (Includes cost for tools, coveralls, and red rags as requirement of program)

Automotive Technology A.A.S.

First Semester Courses
Course # Title
AUTO104 Automotive Mechanics Core
AST108 Automotive Manual Drive Trains
AST130 Introduction to Automotive Electronics
M111T Technical Mathematics
Second Semester Courses
Course # Title
AST160 Automotive Engine Repair
AST172 Automotive Heating/Air Conditioning
AST230 Electrical/Electronic Systems II
COMX106 Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace
Third Semester Courses
Course # Title
AST118 Brakes and Chassis
AST262 Engine Performance I
WRIT121T Introduction to Technical Writing
Fourth Semester Courses
Course # Title
AST264 Engine Performance II
AST270 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
AST280 Applied Lab Experience and Light Repair

Hybrid Vehicle Service Technology Certificate

Gainful Employment Information

Certificate Requirement Courses
Course # Title
AST130 Introduction to Automotive Electronics
AST160 Automotive Engine Repair
AST230 Electrical/Electronic Systems II
AST262 Engine Performance I
AST274 Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Tool List

$2,700 - $3,700 (Approximately)

  1. Tool Chest Roll Cabinet (with lock), 5 drawer minimum
  2. Stiff Bladed Putty Knife
  3. 1/2 Drive Breaker bar
  4. 10” Slip Joint Pliers [water pump]
  5. 1/4 Drive Metric Sockets, Shallow 4mm to 15 mm; 13 pc.
  6. Battery Service Pliers
  7. 1/2 Drive Metric Sockets, Shallow 12 mm to 24 mm
  8. Side Post Battery Wrench and Wire Brush
  9. 3/8 Metric Sockets, Deep and Shallow 8 mm to 19 mm
  10. Top Post Battery Brush
  11. 1/2 Drive Standard Sockets, Shallow 1/2 to 1-1/8
  12. Reversible Snap Ring Pliers
  13. 1/4 Drive Standard Sockets, Deep and Shallow; 3/16 to 9/16 20 pc.
  14. 10” Vise Grip Type Pliers
  15. 3/8 Standard Sockets, Deep and Shallow 1/4 to 7/8 22 pc.
  16. Wire Stripper Cutters 10-20 ga. wire
  17. 5/8 and 13/16 Spark Plug Sockets
  18. 10 pc. Punch and Chisel set
  19. Torx Sockets T8 to T55 11 pc. set
  20. 16 oz. Ball Peen Hammer
  21. 1/2 Drive Ratchet
  22. 32 oz. Ball Peen or Engineer Type Hammer
  23. 1/4 Drive Ratchet
  24. 16 oz. Dead Blow Soft Face Hammer
  25. 3/8 Flex Head Ratchet 46. Hacksaw
  26. 3/8 Ratchet
  27. Wire
  28. 1/2 Drive Extensions 5”, 11”
  29. Flashlight
  30. 1/4 Drive Extensions 2”, 4”, 6”
  1. 3/8 Drive Extensions 1”, 3”, 6”, 11”
  2. Circuit Tester
  3. 1/4 Drive Screwdriver Style Handle
  4. Radiator Hose Removal Tool
  5. Adapters 3/8” to 1/4”; 3/8” to 1/2”; 1/2” to 3/8”
  6. 4 pc. Seal Pick Set
  7. Universals 1/4”, 3/8”
  8. 16” Rolling Head [Heel] Bar
  9. Standard Wrenches 3/8” to 1”
  10. Inspection Mirror
  11. Metric Wrenches 8 mm to 19 mm
  12. Magnetic Retrieval Tool
  13. Standard Flare Nut Wrenches 1/4” to 13/16”
  14. Carbon Gasket Scraper
  15. Metric Flare Nut Wrenches 8 mm to 21 mm
  16. Ignition Gauge Set [Short Blade .010 through .035]
  17. Standard Allen Wrenches 58. Feeler Gauge Set .0015 through .025
  18. Metric Allen Wrenches
  19. Wire Gap Gauge .044 through .080
  20. 12” Adjustable Wrench
  21. Spark Plug Gap Gauge [Taper]
  22. 8 pc. Screwdriver Set
  23. Safety Glasses
  24. Ratchet Type Screwdriver
  25. Blow Gun
  26. 6” Needle Nose pliers
  27. Fluorescent Tube Trouble Light with Accessory Plug,
  28. 8” Needle Nose pliers 25 ft. cord, minimum
  29. 7” Side Cutters
  30. 6” Precision Steel Rule with Metric Scales
  31. 7” Conventional Pliers [common]
  32. 2 Uniform Shirts
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