Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee

Our Mission:

The ASCRC is established by the Faculty Senate (Senate) to:

  • Conduct a continuing study of the academic standards and curriculum of the College
  • Review and recommend action to the Senate for all proposed alterations of academic programs
  • Make recommendations to the Senate regarding academic standards

The functions of the ASCRC are:

  • Facilitate the planning, development, delivery, and evaluation of the courses and programs offered by the College
  • Ensure the integrity of the College curriculum by communicating its goals, purposes, and outcome measures with consistency, clarity, and efficiency;
  • Promote the continuous improvement and enhancement of the College curriculum through dialogue and collaboration with external and internal constituents of the College;
  • Provide faculty with a system that contributes to the effective and innovative delivery of skills, knowledge, values, and inspiration;
  • Provide a path/direction for the approval of curriculum.

Policy and Procedures

Curriculum Policy and Procedures Manual 2018


ASCR Members

  • Barbara Yahvah - Chair
  • Hayley Blevins - recorder
  • Amy Kong
  • Bryon Steinwand
  • Della Dubbe
  • Jennifer Bergner
  • Kim Haughee
  • Mike Wiederhold
  • Patrick Turner
  • Robyn Kiesling
  • Sandra Bauman
  • Sandra Sacry
  • Sarah Dellwo
  • Tammy Burke
  • Tod Dumas
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