President, Hannah Johnson,

Vice President, Stanley Munson Stanley.Munson

Advisor, Robyn Kiesling,


The Helena College Student Government Association is a student organization whose purpose is to provide the student body with an active voice in their education, promote empowerment and communication among the student body, create an environment conducive to learning for all students, and encourage citizenship both on campus and in the community.  All students enrolled in one or more credits are eligible for membership. The HCSGA Student Senate is comprised of one representative from each academic program and club, and an additional 20 “Senators-at-Large”.  Senators serve as the main communication link between the senate and the student body. The senate is administrated by an executive cabinet including a president, vice-president, and business manager as well as a faculty or professional staff advisor, all who serve for one-year terms. HCSGA sponsors social activities and events throughout the year for Helena College students and their families.  Using its funds to support student projects, HCSGA uses funds to help form clubs and organizations, assist students in severe financial distress, and create scholarship opportunities for the students. Past sponsored activities and opportunities have included BBQs, Valentine’s Day chocolate fountains, Halloween parties, Christmas banquets, chili cook-offs, Spring Luau, and highway clean-up days. HCSGA stays actively involved in the community by contributing time and money to local non-profit groups. All enrolled students are charged a $15 student government fee each semester.

Preamble to the Constitution

We, the Helena College Student Government Association, in order to encourage constructive relationships among the students, the faculty, and the administration; to supplement and complement formal education on the Helena College campus; to represent students’ interests, needs and welfare within the college campus; to provide for the expression of student opinions and interests to the community at large on issues affecting student life; and to protect the privileges and rights of students herein stated, do hereby establish and affirm this constitution for the Helena College Student Government Association.

Meeting Times and Location:

Anyone is welcome to attend senate meetings.  Meetings are held on Tuesday at Noon in DON 106. The last Tuesday of the month, they are held at the Airport Campus in room 209. 

Basic Structure

One student from each program and club on campus is selected as a senator.  An additional 20 “senators-at-large” are selected through an application and interview process.  The senate elects an Executive Branch which includes the President, Vice President, and Business Manager to oversee the senate. The Executive Branch has both a voice and a vote.   Meetings take place weekly or bi-weekly during the academic year.  Student activity fees finance the running of the senate. A faculty or staff advisor has a voice but not a vote within the senate and provides guidance and support.

The senate provides seed money to clubs wishing to organize and financial support to existing clubs.

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