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Virtual Bookstore opens:
Fall Semester - July 12, 2021

All book titles for Fall classes are available in the Virtual Bookstore, exect the titles below -

Hacker Style Manual - WRIT 101
Give Me Liberty! - HSTA 101
Microbiology: An Introduction - BIOM 250
Chemistry Lab Notebook, Carbonless - CHMY 121, 141, and 221
Periodic Table BarChart - CHMY 121, 141, and 221
Nursing Chemistry BarChart - CHMY 121
Chemistry BarChart - CHMY 141
Organic Chemistry BarChart - CHMY 221.

Bookstore Store front

Donaldson Campus Store

Fall Semester August 30th - December 17th
  • Mon - Fri  8am to 1:30pm

The Coffee Counter Hours

(Located in the Donaldson Campus Store)

  • Mon - Fri  8am to 1pm

Airport Campus Store Hours

Fall Semester August 30th - December 17th
  • Monday to Friday 6:30 am – 12 pm


Donaldson Campus Store
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Donaldson Campus Store
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