As of Monday, March 30, both of Helena College's campuses will be closed and there will no longer be any face-to-face instruction........................As of Monday, March 30, both of Helena College's campuses will be closed and there will no longer be any face-to-face instruction.....................

Helena College Faculty/Staff Directory

Helena College Staff & Faculty Phone List

Employee Directory Table
Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Adamek Marika 447-6909 Administrative Associate/Registrar's Office
Adams Julie 447-6946 Administrative Associate/Continuing Education
Bauman Sandra Fax  447-6397 447-6928

Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Breitbart Donna 447-6954 Director of Marketing & Development

Brown Mike 447-6947 Institutional Researcher
Burke Tammy 447-6352 Trades Division Chair
Caldwell Kimberly 447-6957 Academic Coach
Clinard Jan  447-6951 Career Pathways Coordinator
Collette Therese 447-6924 Director of Human Resources
Colpitt Janice 447-6320 AP Bookstore Clerk
Coon Emmett 447-6968 Computer Technology Instructor
Crawford Craig 447-6381 Administrator of Access to Success & The Adult Learning Center
Crook Michael 447-6949 Computer Support Specialist III
Curtin Valerie 447-6913 Acting Assistant Dean of Administrative Affairs
Dellwo Sarah 447-6908 Director of Admissions and Records
Dubbe Della 447-6943 Director of Library Services
Dumas Tod 447-6360 Aviation
Ebert Anna 447-6912 Admissions Counselor

Emmart Amber 447-6914 Financial Aid Specialist

Feig Kimberly 447-6965 Sociology Instructor
Fife Kristine 447-6952 Disabilities Resource Coordinator
Fife Tyler 475-5193 447-6935 Custodian II

Fisher Kourtney 447-6986 Nursing Instructor

Fontaine Virginia 447-6939 Testing Center

George Mary Ann 447-6943 Library Assistant
Gifreda Laura Fax  447-6395 447-6922 Cashier
Guerin Bridget 447-6350 Administrative Associate/Airport Campus
Haikka Tommi 594-3419 447-6935 Interim Director of Facilities

Hanson Parker 447-6961 Computer Support Specialist I

Hartman John 447-6977 General Education/Science
Hauer Derrick 447-6367 Diesel
Haughee Kim 447-6974 General Education/Math
Hausler Mike 447-6958 Director of IT

Hecht Cherise Fax  447-6396 447-6932 Bookstore Co-Manager
Hecht Tarun Barista

Heinitz Melanie 447-6971 Administrative Associate - Academic Support Desk

Henderson Karen 447-6973 General Education/English
Henry Rick 447-6979 Life Science Instructor
Holcombe Phillip 447-6371 Welding Instructor
Holmes Lee 439-0756 447-6923 Master Therapist-Counselor
Howard Beau 447-6991 Lab Manager
Hunthausen Stephanie 447-6993 Director K-12 Partnerships
Johnson Brenda 447-6985 Nursing Program Assistant
Jones Dave 447-6359 Automotive
Jose Clare Fax  447-6396 447-6933 Bookstore Co-Manager
Kelly Sarah 447-6388 Adult Learning Center

Kenning Kristina 447-6989 Nursing Instructor

Kiesling Robyn 447-6930 General Education and Transfer Division Chair / Student Senate Advisor
King Angela 447-6903 Career Connections Coordinator

Kong Amy 447-6364 Director of eLearning/Math Instructor
Lannert Mary 447-6944 Director of Continuing Education
Latham Monica 447-6956 TRIO Program Assistant
Leonard Sam 447-6382 Access to Success/Instructor
Lewis Steve 447-6970 General Education/English
Loomis Ryan 447-6397 447-6376 SBDC Regional Director
Marston Mike 853-3985 447-6935 Maintenance
McLaughlin John 447-6379 Machine Tool
Micu Debbie 447-6962 Office Technology
Miller Candice 447-6921 Business Office/Student Accounts
Mortimore Kathy 447-6907 Admissions Counselor

Moulton Karina 447-6915 Financial Aid Specialist/Work Study Coordinator
Mousel Melissa 447-6901 Administrative Associate II

Mozer Andrew 447-6380 Access to Success/Instructor
Munn Nathan 447-6981 General Education/Social Sciences
Myers Julie 447-6373 ISPD Instructor

Nelson Jeff 439-2772 447-6935 Custodian II

Nicholson Paul 447-6369 CAM Instructor

Odermann Rick 461-0843 447-6948 Computer Systems Analyst III
Ott Katie 447-6380 Access to Success/Administrative Associate
Pate Jessie 447-6943 Librarian
Payne Paige 447-6927 Executive Assistant

Peterson Darlene 447-6387 Administrative Associate for the Adult Learning Center
Peterson John 447-6389 Case Manager of the Adult Learning Center
Pokuri Mounika 447-6972 Computer Technology Instructo
Purcell Rick 447-6366 Diesel
Rapaport Debra 447-6987 Nursing
Reeves Virginia 447-6964 Writing & Communications Instructor

Reighard Eric 439-8006 447-6935 Maintenance Tech Supervisor

Robertson Brooks 447-6950 Business Instructor

Roby Seth 447-6992 Gen Ed Art Instructor

Rogers Tony 465-2784 447-6935 Maintenance
Sacry Sandy 422-6345 447-6984 Director of Nursing
Sawatzki Phillip 447-6980 Biological Sciences Instructor
Schoenfeld Christa 447-6385 Access to Success/Instructor
Scholl Kyle 461-1423 447-6935 Custodian II

Schwen Cari 447-6920 Business Office/Accounts Payable
Simpson Lisa 447-6929 Physics/Calculus Instructor

Steckler Tammy 447-6953 Veteran Services Program Coordinator
Steinwand Bryon 447-6967 Computer Technology Instructor
Stergar Christy 447-6945 Continuing Education Coordinator
Thompson Greg 447-6938 Academic Advisor
Torres Cody 447-6362 Welding Instructor

Twardos Mary 447-6925 HR Recruitment Specialist
Vosejpka Laura 447-6926 CEO/Dean

Wagenhals Walt 447-6941 Retention Specialist

Wagner Cole 447-6959 Computer Support Specialist II
Walborn Joyce 447-6976 General Education/Math
Walker Lacey 447-6390 Adult Learning Center
Walker Wesley 447-6361 Aviation Instructor
Whitsel Nathan 447-6383 Access to Success/Instructor
Wiederhold Michael 447-6982 Director of Fire & Rescue Program
Wigen Joshua 447-6384 Access to Success

Willcockson Ann 447-6955 Director of TRIO Program
Yahvah Barbara 447-6963 Accounting & Business Technology
Zeigler Glen 447-6372 Welding
Zigan Amanda 447-6919 Accounting Associate III

  • Admissions & New Student Services 447-6900
  • Admissions & New Student Services Work Study 447-6905
  • Financial Aid Work Study 447-6916
  • Student Support Center Work Study 447-6940
  • Academic Support Desk 447-6971
  • Cashier Fax 447-6395
  • Donaldson Fax 447-6397
  • Bookstore Fax 447-6396
  • Airport Campus Fax 447-6399
  • Parts Fax& 447-6398
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