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Types of Online Courses

Online Course (O):

Online Courses are courses in which course instruction and information is available at a distance. It is one in which regularly scheduled classroom time is replaced by required activities completed at a distance and managed online.

Hybrid Online Course (HO):

Hybrid courses are sometimes referred to as blended courses or sometimes mix-mode coursed. Currently, this refers to a course that is conducted partially online and partially through face-to-face (F2F) interactions, whether in the classroom or in another off-campus setting. There if reduced F2F time in a hybrid course as compared to the equivalent credit classroom course.

Supplemented Course:

Supplemented Courses are standard classroom courses that utilize online resources to supplement the classroom instruction. In a Supplemented course, there is no reduced classroom seat time. In a hybrid course, there is.

Assistance with eLearning:
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Director of eLearning

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