UMDW University of Montana's Financial Data Warehouse

Welcome to the Training & Handbook for UMDW, the University of Montana's Financial Data Warehouse available for download, installation and use by Helena College and UM Administrators.



  • Compatible with most windows PC’s. Windows 7 and newer. Both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Compatible with MS Access 2010, 2103, and 2016. Both 32 and 64 bit. (64 bit version of Access 2010 requires installation of Service Pack 1 or greater)or greater.)
  • The proper Oracle ODBC Driver Required. (This will be installed with the UMDW Install Package)
    • 32 bit MC Access Products Oracle 32 bit driver recommended)
    • 64 bit MC Access Products Oracle 64 bit driver recommended)



(Requires Administrative Permissions on your PC to run the installer)

  • Click the DOWNLOAD UMDW button above.
  • Click run at the installer prompt.
  • Reboot the computer when installer has finished.
  • This shortcut icon will be present on your desktop
  • Click the icon in order to access UMDW
  • The first time you open UMDW you might see a yellow bar across the top of the application, if you do you will need to click Enable.
  • The first time you log into UMDW type "" into the Data Source Name box along with your User Name and Password.
  • Login.









For manual installation instructions, click here.





    • Links to the UMDW database are below.

    • You should be able to download and extract the database and run UMDW by double clicking on the accdb file if ODBC and Oracle are setup correctly.

    • To download the UMDW 32 bit database application
click here
    • .

    • To download the UMDW 64 bit database application is
click here
    • .




Below are libraries that will fix the license problem for UMDW.

Close UMDW before proceeding.

Check to see if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office.

To check:
  • Open an Office application such as Word
  • Office 2013/2016 - Click on the file tab, click on Account, then click on the About Word button to the right. The pop up will show the -bit version.
  • Office 2010 - Click on the file tab, then click the help button. It will show the -bit version to the right under About Microsoft Word.

Determine the location of the UMDW files:

  • Right click on the UMDW icon on the users’ desktop
  • Properties
  • Look at ‘Start in:’ path. This is where you want to extract the new file you download below. In most cases it will be: C:\Users\Public\umdw\
  • Navigate to the path as stated above
  • Download, Unzip and replace F1dwXXLibrary.accde with the similarly named file that you download below. The XX corresponds to the whether you are using 32 or 64-bit Office.

The updated UMDW 32 bit library - f1dw32library.accde is here.
The updated UMDW 64 bit library - f1dw64library.accde is here.

Open UMDW, the License Expires popup should be gone.

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