Fire and Rescue

All coursework required in the Fire and Rescue program is offered in Helena and Missoula. Fire and Rescue courses concentrate on training in fire behavior, extinguishing agents, apparatus, tactics, rescue, and safety. Students will experience live fire situations in training mock-ups, which will prepare them to enter various careers. Official acceptance into the Fire and Rescue program is contingent upon the student successfully completing two physical requirements. The first requirement is passing a physical exam performed by the student’s family physician or medical practitioner. The physical agility test is the second physical requirement. Students must successfully complete the physical test within a one and one-half hours’ time frame, before being allowed to register for Fire and Rescue classes. The required physical agility test will be offered at fall orientation programs.

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professional conduct by displaying a positive work ethic, flexibility, team work, physical fitness, safety consciousness, and sensitivity to diversity.
  • Demonstrate basic fire fighter skills in the areas of structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, aircraft rescue and firefighting, hazardous materials emergency response, and in basic emergency medical care.
  • Be able to explain strategies and tactics in all types of incidents requiring fire service response, risk management, incident management, loss control, search & rescue, hydraulics, code enforcement, protection systems, and incident prevention.
  • Function within the national incident management system (Incident Command System). Show basic supervisory skills, peer instruction and all types of communication methods.

Successful students receive Firefighter I & II Certification as well as EMT Certification.

IFSAC LogoThe Fire & Rescue program at Helena College has received international accreditation from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). An IFSAC accredited program indicates that course offerings, institutional support, and qualified faculty are working together in completing their educational mission. The IFSAC Degree Assembly is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as a programmatic accreditor of fire and emergency related degree programs. Accreditation is granted only after an integral self-study is conducted by the entity or institution seeking accreditation, followed by an on-site review by a panel consisting of peer representatives from other member entities or institutions.

Students receiving a fire science degree from an internationally accredited program meet the criteria necessary to be eligible to apply for position openings across state and international borders. This gives students who graduate ans IFSAC accredited program the ability to be competitive for industry positions that are not limited to the state of Montana.

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For information on the Fire & Rescue program in Helena and Missoula, contact Kylie Parker at 447-6904 or via email.

Park County Residency Program and Scholarship Opportunity

Park County Rural Fire District #1, located in Livingston, Montana, has partnered with Helena College to offer students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fire and Rescue while living at a working firehouse.  Four full scholarships and a partial scholarship are offered for five live-in positions.  Courses are delivered in Park County and occasional lab experiences are conducted at Helena College in Helena, Montana.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Apply to Helena College and be accepted into the Fire and Rescue program. See Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines. 
  • Once accepted to the College, applicant must apply for the residency program with Park County Rural Fire District #1 in Livingston, Montana.

Benefits of the Residency Program include:

  • Free room and board
  • Potential for full or partial scholarship
  • Additional training opportunities by fire professionals
  • Experience and skill refinement responding to emergency incidents

For further information on the Park County residency program and scholarship opportunities contact: Dann Babcox, Fire Chief or call 406-222-0562

Apply today! Residency program for fall 2018 begins May 20, 2018.

Fire and Rescue A.A.S

First Semester Courses
Course # Title
ECP130 Emergency Medical Technician
FIRE101 Introduction to Fire Service
FIRE102 Introduction Fire Service 2
FIRE103 Fire Fighter Safety
FIRE107 Personal Physical Fitness I
M111T Technical Mathematics (or M105 or higher)
Second Semester Courses
Course # Title
FIRE106 Wildland Fire Fighting
FIRE108 Personal Physical Fitness II
FIRE110 Hazardous Materials
FIRE120 Emergency Services Customer Service
FIRE121 Incident Command
FIRE125 Emergency Equipment Maintenance
FIRE130 Fire Apparatus Operation
FIRE140 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategies
Third Semester Courses
Course # Title
FIRE202 Instructional Methodologies
FIRE234 Fire Protection Systems
FIRE241 Fire Inspection
FIRE242 Rescue
FIRE260 Fire Investigation
FIRE261 Building Construction for Fire Protection
WRIT121T Introduction to Technical Writing
Fourth Semester Courses
Course # Title
FIRE210 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Basic Training
FIRE215 Fire Streams
FIRE225 Fire Officer
FIRE250 Fire Ground Operations
FIRE270 Fire Prevention
FIRE288 Capstone (FIRE289 may be substituted for FIRE288. Must meet acceptance requirements.)
FIRE289 Fire Service Internship (FIRE289 may be substituted for FIRE288. Must meet acceptance requirements.)
COMX106 Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace
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