Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Community Education classes?

Helena College Community Education classes are open to all adults. In most cases, students under 18 will be permitted only with prior consent of the parent, instructor and staff. In some cases, students under 16 may enroll with a paying adult, please inquire directly with our office for registering any student under 16 (unless the class is specifically for kids or families.)

Do I need to register for courses in advance?

Yes, and the sooner the better! Many of our classes have a minimum number of participants in order to run, and we need to be able to give roster numbers to the instructor as far in advance as possible.  We also print the final roster before 3pm on the day of class.  Some last-minute registrations are possible, but if we have not met the minimum number two to three days before the start of the class, we may have to cancel.

How do I register for Community Education classes?

On this site!  You can check seats available, register, and pay online. If you need help with the process, we are available by phone or walk-in to our office. Upon completion of the online registration process, you may choose to pay by credit or debit (Visa , MasterCard, or Discover). You may promise a check either by mail or drop-off (sorry, no e-checks). Choose "Pay Later" if you will need an invoice for your place of employment. All classes must be paid before class begins.

Will I receive a receipt?

You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your registration, at the bottom is listed the amount paid. If you do not provide an email address upon registration, but still require a receipt, you must request a receipt be sent to your mailing address.

Can I get grades, clock hours or CEUs for my class?

Grades are not given out for Helena College Community Education classes. Classes, unless otherwise SPECIFICALLY noted, are non-credit. Clock hours, CEUs, and letters of completion can be arranged for most classes (including online classes). Please contact our staff prior to the start of the class for details.

Why do classes get cancelled?

If a class does not meet minimum enrollment, it will be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the start. If you are interested in a class, please call to register at least three days in advance. Encourage your friends to take the class with you! 

If your class is cancelled, Community Education staff will contact you by phone.  You will receive a 100% refund or will be given the option to transfer your registration to another class.

What if I can't attend a class for which I am registered?

Please contact the Community Education office as soon as possible. If you cancel 3 or more business days before the first class meets, we will refund your registration, but a processing fee will be withheld (10% of your class fee or $3, whichever is greater.)

What about parking?

Parking Permits are required for vehicles in the lot immediately adjacent to our building from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm weeknights. If your class begins before 5pm, you will be given a temporary pass, which will be sent via email, or can be picked up at the first session. If you will be arriving for class before 5 pm and do not have a pass, please park along the street (Livingston Ave, N. Sanders, or Townsend) to avoid being ticketed.

Are classrooms handicapped-accessible?

Helena College University of Montana is committed to making its classes accessible to members of the disabled community. Elevators are available for classes offered upstairs and downstairs at both campuses. Handicap parking is also available with a valid permit. If you have special circumstances, please let us know so that we can help make your class a more positive experience.

What happens in case of bad weather or emergencies?

If classes are cancelled due to campus closure, inclement weather, or instructor emergency, the Community Education staff or instructor will do our best to notify you. It is important to have all of your contact information current.


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