TRIO Plato & SI

Plato and Si

(Supplemental Instruction)

PLATO & SI (Supplemental Instruction) are two other methods utilized for academic assistance. Both are geared toward providing additional opportunities for exposure, practice, guidance and mastery regarding college course subject material.

PLATO is an interactive on-line educational system that will work with students on core mathematics, writing and reading elements. It will also cover pertinent science material in biology, chemistry and geology courses. One can think of PLATO as having an on-line instructor or tutor available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you become knowledgeable with course material at a more personal pace.

SI is a focus on the “high-risk” course and not the “at-risk” student. There are courses that tend to have a higher degree of difficulty and extra assistance in comprehending and passing the material may be needed. Mini courses, along with PLATO, will be utilized to help in overcoming these difficulties and aid in students successfully completing difficult courses.

A final benefit of PLATO is potential cost savings for a student. Some individuals just need to refresh what they have forgotten over time, while others might not have achieved mastery of the materials when attending secondary school. In either situation PLATO offers the chance to improve a student’s skill levels and possibly re-test out of one or more developmental course.

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