OneSearch Tips


What is OneSearch?

OneSearch allows you to search almost all resources, online and physical, available to you at Helena College and from the TRAILS consortium (a group of 17 academic libraries in Montana that share resources).

Any physical materials you see in OneSearch, including books, DVDs, and more, can be sent to the Helena College Library for you to check out.

To find only materials available at Helena College Library, select “Available at Helena College” on the right side of the screen.


Availability Menu

Sign in with your NetID (HC#) to access full text electronic articles, ebooks, and other online resources off-campus, as well as to request physical from other libraries.

Image of Sign On

Simple Search

OneSearch assumes you are searching for items that contain all of the words you type unless you use Boolean Operators or other search tools to specify what you are looking for:



Find items that contain all of the words or phrases to narrow your search

diet AND cancer


Find items that contain at least one of the words, but not necessarily both

nutrition OR diet


Exclude items that contain a word or phrase

cancer NOT leukemia

“Quotation marks”

Find items that contain a specific phrase

“pancreatic cancer”


Single character wildcard search: Use a question mark in place of one letter to search for multiple versions of a word

wom?n to find women and woman


Multiple character wildcard search: Use an asterisk in place of one or more letters to search for multiple versions of a word

pancrea* to find pancreas, pancreatic, pancreatitis, etc

NOTE: You must use AND, OR and NOT in capital letters in order for them to function as intended.

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search to set multiple requirements before returning search results. You can create a search string or filter by material type (book, video, article, etc), language, and publication date.

Advance Search Bar Image

Filter Search Results

Once you have a list of results, you can refine them further by using the facets on the right side of the screen.

Include Results without Full Text: By default, you will only see online resources that you have access to through Helena College. If you want to search for resources beyond Helena College, check this box. You will not have full text access to these resources, but you can request a copy via Interlibrary Loan.

Sort by: By default, the results are listed in order of potential relevance. You can choose to sort by author, title, or date (newest first or oldest first).

Availability: You can choose to show only peer-reviewed journal articles, only online resources, or only physical items (books, DVDS, periodicals) at Helena College Library. TRAILS Availability allows you to see only the physical items at all TRAILS libraries, most of which can be sent to Helena College for you to check out.

Resource Type: Include only certain types of information, such as articles or books. Hover over any type and click the red icon to exclude any resource types from your search.

Date: Find only items published within a certain date range. Enter the years and click “Refine” to apply.

It is also possibly to narrow your results by Library, Subject/Topic, Database, Author/Creator, Journal Title, or Language.

View Search Results

To view more details about any search result, including how to access an item, click the title to get the full view. In the full view, you can:

Send to: Send the record for the item via email, print the record, generate a citation for the item, or add the item to a citation management program such as RefWorks or EndNote.

View Online: When this box appears with a list of links, you should have access to the full text of the item. Sign in with your NetID if you haven’t already, and click the link to view the full text.

Find in Library: Any libraries that own a physical copy of the item will appear here. If other libraries are listed, you can click “Request from another library” to have it sent to Helena College. If no libraries are listed, you may be able to obtain a physical copy via interlibrary loan.

Details: Find more information about the item, including a summary or abstract.

The “Related reading” on the right side of the full view offers suggestions of similar materials that might be relevant to your search.

Request an Item from another Library

You must be signed in to OneSearch (NetID) to request items from other libraries.

Physical items available from other libraries will show in the Find in Library section in the full display (from the list of results, click the title to open the full display). If you see other libraries listed, sign in, then click “Request from another library.”

Image of request from another library link

You should see a form with the item’s information already filled in. Scroll to the bottom of the form to click “REQUEST.”

You will see a confirmation message stating “Request placed.”

My Account

Access your library account by clicking “Guest” in the top right corner of the screen, then clicking “My Account.” You can view checked out items, due dates, pending requests, and you can renew items here. You can also view My Favorites (more info below).

My Favorites

You must be signed in to OneSearch (NetID) to use My Favorites.

My Favorites allows you to save and organized items that you find during your OneSearch session. Click the pushpin in the upper right of any item in the list of results to save it to My Favorites.

pin to create favorites example image

To access all of My Favorites, click the large pushpin in the upper right corner of the screen, where you can organize and send your chosen records to email, print, or a citation tool.

More Help

If you have any more questions about using OneSearch, please contact the library.

Helena College Chat