Initiating the Disability Service Process

Students with disabilities are encouraged to make contact with the Office of Disability Resources when they are thinking about enrolling at Helena College.

The Disability Resources Coordinator is happy to speak with students about the process of receiving services at the college, even when the student is still in high school or is just thinking about enrolling.

Official recognition of the student’s protected status under the law begins with contact with this office. Revealing disabilities at post-secondary institutions, however, is always voluntary and kept in complete confidence.

Receiving Accommodations

Helena College has designated the Office of Disability Resources as the department which has official authority to grant accommodations in the classroom.

Students should remember that starting the process of receiving accommodations should begin early, preferably a month or two before services are to begin. Unfortunately, accommodations are not retroactive.

The student needs to fill out an application for disability services. That application, along with appropriate documentation, provides the basis for accommodations.

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