Getting Ready

Ellucian provides a number of educational resources to help get you ready for Banner 9. We'll walk you through where to start and what to learn:

Number 1.PNG Read the "What's new in Banner 9?" guide and the Banner 9 vs Banner 8 guide.

This guide breaks down the upgrade at a high-level, as well as provides insight into what's new in the various Banner 9 modules. Want to take it a step further? Check out the Banner 9 Benefits Overview Video.

Number 2.PNG Review the Banner 9 Module Upgrade information.

You likely perform the majority of your daily work in one Banner module. Check out these resources relevant to your specific Banner module:

Student & Financial Aid - Info Guide | FAQ | Student Demo | Financial Aid Demo
Human Resources - Info Guide | FAQ | Human Resources Demo
Finance Focus - Info Guide | FAQ | Finance Demo

Banner 8 U forms changed to Banner 9 S

*You will have to register as a guest to view Demo Videos. Once registered, you can use the same login information to view the other videos.

Number 3.PNG Familiarize yourself with the new Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Banner 9 Training and Navigation Tips

If you're a frequent user of Banner 8, it's likely you're used to navigating Banner 8 forms just using your keyboard. This will change in Banner 9, so be sure to read up and trainings will be coming soon.!

As we get closer to rolling out Banner 9 modules, we'll be updating this page, along with the Module-Specific Resources page with Helena College-customized training and user-guide documentation. So, keep checking back!