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Banner 9 Upgrade

Banner forms are getting a face lift.

Banner 9 is a major upgrade to the Banner enterprise information system. It provides a modern look and feel to Banner forms while largely maintaining the same functionality as previous Banner versions. If you can purchase your favorite items on Amazon, you can navigate Banner 9!

Why are we upgrading? Enhancement support for Banner 8 will end by January 2019. This does not mean we cannot continue to use Banner 8 forms. Rather, it means Ellucian will not continue to provide break/fix or enhancement support for those forms past December 31, 2018. You will be able to access both Banner 8 and Banner 9 forms during a transition period until campus has completely adopted Banner 9. You will continue to access Banner 8 as you do now but will log in to Banner 9 via the Application Navigator, Banner's new homepage.

Additionally, browser compatibility continues to be an issue with Banner 8 so it is now time to take action. Banner 9, here we come!

What's new in Banner 9?

There is much to be excited with the release of Banner 9. Some of its many new advantages include:

  • Eliminates dependency on Internet Explorer. That's right - you will be able to use Banner 9 in any preferred browser!
  • Positions UM for cloud adoption if we choose this option at a later date
  • Easily compatible with mobile devices
  • Application Navigator "Welcome" screen offers a "google-like" search screen for easy navigation to the forms you need
  • Simplifies the upgrade process for future upgrades for system administrators 

What is our Banner 9 Upgrade status?

The majority of Banner 8 forms have been converted to Banner 9 forms and currently exist in the test environment. We will be implementing a phased approach to Banner 9 rollout where Banner 9 modules will be rolled out for live-use as they're tested and considered ready by their respective functional department.

We tentatively plan to be completely live in the Banner 9 environment by January 2019 with the below Banner Modules going live in the following *tentative* timeframes:

Early Fall 2018:
Finance - Banner 9
Accounts Receivable - Testing Banner 9
Human Resources - Banner 9
Student - Early to Mid Spring
Admissions - Testing Banner 9
Financial Aid - Testing Banner 9

Stay tuned for more information on the rollout timeline and phases! We will post more information here as we have it!


Contact your IT support provider! General questions regarding the Banner 9 rollout can be sent to IT Helpdesk ( 

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