Frequently Asked Questions

  • Helena College will be live in the Banner 9 environment by early 2019. We are implementing a phased approach to Banner 9 module rollout. Check out the rollout timeline and be sure to stay in touch with your IT Support Provider for more information and to ask questions!
  • Enhancement support for Banner 8 will end in January 2019. This does not mean we cannot continue the use of Banner 8 forms in January 2019. Rather, it means Ellucian - the Banner company - will not continue to provide break/fix or enhancement support for those forms. You will be able to access Banner 8 and Banner 9 forms in a hybrid environment through the new Banner homepage, the Application Navigator, until all forms are converted and live in Banner 9.

    Additionally, browser compatibility continues to be an issue with Banner 8 so now is the time to take action! Banner 9 will eliminate these issues.

  • Ellucian provides a number of resources to introduce and familiarize users with the new Banner 9 environment. Check out the Ellucian Resources page to review these materials, starting with the Banner Transformed-Getting Started with your Administrative Application document.

    If you're used to using keyboard shortcuts in Banner 8, also start familiarizing yourself with the new keyboard shortcuts using the Banner 8 vs. Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts tip sheet.

  • Yes! IT Shortcourses will be available this summer and fall. Be sure to check back for future training dates!
  • No. You will login to the Banner 9 Application Navigator with your NetID and password. If you need to access Banner 8 forms, you'll log in to Banner 8 just like you do now, using your Banner ID and login.
  • Banner 9 can be used in all browsers. Right now we are recommending Edge or Google Chrome!
  • No. Because Banner 9 runs in a web browser, some keyboard shortcuts changed with the upgrade from Banner 8 to Banner 9. A list of Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts is available - so check it out and learn some new tricks!
  • Yes. Until we are fully live in the Banner 9 environment, you can continue to use Banner 8. You will login to the Banner 9 environment using the Application Navigator and your NetID. You will login to the existing Banner 8 environment just like you do now, using your Banner ID login and password. 

    During the transition, it will be clunky to navigate between Banner 8 and Banner 9 as you'll need to have both environments open. Please be patient throughout this. We know it may be frustrating to move between new and old technology throughout the transition. In time, everything will be upgraded. This upgrade is a major initiative. So, hang in there! And let us know if you have questions.

  • Nothing. The database behind Banner 8 and Banner 9 is the same!