Library Research Prize

The Helena College Library Research Prize was created to reward students who take the time to develop a thoughtful, methodical, and scholarly approach to the research needed for their papers and projects, and to encourage students to develop the information literacy skills needed for lifelong research.

 This prize is meant to recognize overall student achievement in all steps of the research process.

A first prize and second prize will be awarded each spring and fall semester for the previous semester’s work. Summer submissions will be included with fall and awarded in spring.

First prize will be a $75 gift card from the Helena College Bookstore and second prize will be a $50 gift card.

Winners will be notified the first week of the following spring or fall semester and the Library Research Party will be held the second week of the semester. Winners will be honored guests at this event and prizes will be awarded at this time.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • It is expected that primarily library print collection or electronic databases will be used and that all cited sources will be credible.
  • The competition is limited to enrolled Helena College students.
  • Submissions may include class papers, videos, speeches, web pages or other projects with a research component.
  • Entries must have been created for a Helena College class in the current semester, must include a copy of the assignment, and must have received a grade of “A-“ or better.
  • A citation page (works cited, references, or bibliography) of all sources used must be included with all submissions.
  • Minor changes to the graded research assignment are permitted before submission.
  • All submission forms must be made from the student's Helena College email address according to the submission process below.
  • Only one project per semester can be considered.  If you have already submitted, but would like to change your submission, contact before the deadline.
  • Only one prize will be given per paper or project.
  • Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered. (See deadlines below)
  • Winning submissions may be posted on the Library's website, social media pages, or other promotional materials.

Selection Committee

                Helena College librarians will judge the submissions and guest librarians from University of Montana affiliate institutions will be invited to participate.

Submission process

  • Complete the Library Prize Submission Form.
  • The submission, in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf or .ppt format,  must include:
    • a copy of the assignment instructions and/or rubric
    • the completed research assignment
  • To submit projects or other supplemental material required by your instructor for the assignment, contact the library at .
  • The deadlines for submission are:
    • Spring 2017: May 18, 2017, prizes awarded Fall 2017
    • Summer 2017: August 18, 2017, prizes awarded Spring 2018
    • Fall 2017: December 22, 2017, prizes awarded Spring 2018
    • Spring 2018: May 18, 2018, prizes awarded Fall 2018
    • Summer 2018: August 17, 2018, prizes awarded Spring 2019

Library Prize Submission Form - click here (If the form does not go through, please email your submission to

Print friendly version - click here

Congratulations to the winners of the Library Research Prize!

Spring 2017 Winners

1st Place - Levi Andrews & Kiera Marshall, Phylogenetic Analysis of Cytochrome-b Mitochondrial DNA in Moose Along the Rocky Mountains

2nd Place - Jennifer Tarner, Stem Cell Debate

3rd Place - Katie Manion, A Food Revolution Gone Awry

Fall 2016 Winners

1st Place - Celeste Hagen, College Writing Paper

2nd Place - Riki Emerson, The Weight of Childhood Obesity 

Spring 2016 Winners

1st Place - Ivalon Wells, World Literature Paper 

2nd Place - Lois Steinbeck, Characteristics of Montana Suicide Victims 

3rd Place - Tiffany Sturdevant, The Microbiology of Urinary Tract Infections 

Fall 2015 Winners

1st Place - Thomas Bisom, Climate Change in Montana: Its Evidence, Debate, and Solutions 

2nd Place - Ryan Cain, Antimicrobial Resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae: Mechanisms, and Clinical Impact and Developments 

3rd Place - Colton Williams, Nursing Theory Paper 

Spring 2015 Winners

1st Place - Donovan Lucibello, Raw Milk, Citizens, and Microbiology 

2nd Place - Aaron Gams, Improving Nurse-Physician Communication: Analyzing Ethical Codes to Promote Solutions 

3rd Place - Rachel Spangler, Minimum Wage: Beneficial and a Right 

Fall 2014 Winners

1st place - Jordan Mitchell, Music to Be Used in Treating Mental Retardation and Mental Illness 

2nd place - Donovan Lucibello, Fiscal Responsibility, Food Stamps and the Farm Bill 

3rd place - Maria Murphy, Service Learning
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