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Professional Development

Grant Time & Effort/Timecard Reporting and Procedure

  1. Supervisors will approve all grant time and effort reports/timecards.
  2. Monthly time and effort reports will be provided to the Director of Human Resources NLT the fifth working day of the month for the previous month. The Director of Human Resources will provide a copy of the monthly time and effort reports to the respective grant administrators.
  3. Employees having time and effort toward grant activity/projects will turn in their time cards to the Director of Human Resources indicating the number of daily hours spent working toward the grant and the number of hours working toward Helena College. Monthly employee time cards are due NLT the 15th of the month, and BW employee time cards on the regular BW scheduled date. The TAACCT III index is H50045, and the TAACCT IV index is H50047 to charge time and effort.
  4. Only properly completed timecards will be accepted and examples will be provided in separate correspondence.
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