Disability Information for Faculty

Statement for the Faculty Syllabus

The following statement should appear on your syllabus each semester directing the student with a disability to room 119.

Students with physical, cognitive, or psychological disabilities are encouraged to meet with the Disability Resources Office, in room 119, to discuss possible accommodations. We can be reached at 406-447-6952 or at disabilityresources@helenacollege.edu.  All information will be kept confidential.

Faculty with students currently utilizing our Disability Resources accommodations must attach the Testing Requirements Form to tests for their students.

General Information and Letters of Accommodation

Faculty members are an integral part of the success of any student with a disability. Most students will share the information of their disabilities readily with instructors; some, however, decide not to share such information and never seek accommodations. If a student has been granted a letter of accommodation from the Disability Resources Director, it is his responsibility to share the letter of accommodation with you. He may choose to seek accommodations in some classes but not all. When a student brings you a letter of accommodation, please have a private conversation with the student about his disability and how the accommodations will be implemented. A great conversation starter might be: "How can I help you learn?" If you are concerned that a student has a disability which has not been either disclosed to you or not diagnosed, you may diplomatically discuss that matter with the student or raise your concern with the Director of Disability Resources. It is the student's right, however, to keep the nature of his disability private. It is much wiser for you to grant only the accommodations that are included in the student's letter of accommodation. If you want to grant a student with no letter of accommodation extra time on a test, for example, because you believe he needs it, then you should grant every student in the class that privilege.

Testing Students with Disabilities

If a student gives you a letter that requires testing accommodations, you should be aware that it is the student's responsibility to ask you to send a copy of the test to room 119 at least 24 hours in advance of the test. The student should also come to room 119 to make an appointment to use the quiet testing room. If a scribe or test reader is required, those arrangements should also be made at that time, as well as interpreter services if necessary. Please fill out the green half sheet available in room 119 with directions for the test, stating its requirements: open/closed book, notes possible, computer test, calculator permitted, regular time allowed for the test, etc. Disability Resources will return the completed test to your mail box.

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