Advising Committee

Mission Statement:

Academic advising at Helena College provides respectful and informed support for students to identify and achieve their academic and professional goals. Advisors will clearly communicate and collaborate with students to navigate institutional systems and connect to campus resources. We empower students to develop and practice quality academic skills and sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career plans. Building student agency is paramount to the overall mission of the institution.


  • Serves as a sounding board for academic advising processes and systems as they apply to instruction, student support and curriculum.
  • Assists in providing professional development opportunities that are responsive to the needs of faculty and administrators.
  • Provides leadership with up to date information on the best practices, research, and policy in the profession of academic advising and student achievement.
  • Creates for students an academic advising system that encourages and supports academic, professional and career success.
  • Promotes the role of effective academic advising in student success at Helena College.
  • Engages in an ongoing data collection, assessment, and evaluation of the institution’s advising policies, procedures and processes.

Meeting Times:


Advising Committee Members

  • Turner, Patrick - Co-Chair
  • Walborn, Joyce - Co-Chair
  • Cooper, Lori - Recorder
  • Greenwood, Jordyn
  • Henry, Rick
  • Moyer, Matthew
  • Thompson, Greg
  • Willcockson, Ann
  • Burke, Tammy - ex-officio
  • Kiesling, Robyn - ex-officio
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