Eighth Grade Manufacturing Career Night:  January 16, 2019; Helena College Airport Campus

Eighth grade is the perfect time for students to begin exploring careers, since they will begin making choices about high school courses in the spring—choices that will set them on their pathways to college and careers. On January 16th, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, Helena College (2300 Airport Road) will host a Manufacturing Career Night.  Sponsored by Helena WINS (Workforce Innovation NetworkS), this exciting event will introduce eighth graders and their parents to careers in the manufacturing industry right here in Helena! Students will have fun getting to know some of the experts who teach and work in the manufacturing sector and experience the manufacturing processes taught in the labs at Helena College.  Students will learn about the products manufactured by local companies such as Boeing, Marks Lumber, McDantim, and YESCO to name a few, career opportunities in the area, and how to prepare for a career in manufacturing.


Transportation Tuesday

Spring Semester Date TBA
Helena College - 2300 Airport Road.

Get an up-close look at an impressive fleet of over-the-road diesel trucks, airplanes, helicopters, light-duty diesel and hybrid technology vehicles. See how alignment machines, dynamometers, and diagnostic tools are used to detect and repair electrical and mechanical problems. Learn how an airplane is weighed and repaired. Explore these transportation programs 9 a.m. to noon, then enjoy lunch provided by Reach Higher Montana.  After lunch, you’ll be treated to your choice of tours at nearby Aviation, Diesel, and Automotive Repair shops or dealerships, ending about 2:30 p.m.


FABrication Friday

Spring Semester Date TBA
Helena College - 2300 Airport Road

Experience the Fun of Fabrication: Get a feel for Computer-aided Manufacturing and Industrial Welding and Metal Fabrication AAS Degrees with hands-on activities that result in products you can take home.   Enjoy lunch provided by Reach Higher Montana, then visit Helena’s Boeing Company, where you’ll be treated to a 90-minute tour of the facility to see how the skills you’ve seen demonstrated are put to work making high-tech parts, such as landing gear for the new 777X Dreamliner.


Groups of more than five students from one school must be accompanied by a high school staff member (whose substitute teacher costs will be reimbursed). Travel costs (buses) will be reimbursed.  Contact Jan Clinard ( or 406-447-6951 if you have questions.

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