Information Technology


Students who complete the coursework will demonstrate the ability to install, configure, diagnose, repair and upgrade entry level personal computers, software, and network fundamental components according to industry standards. They will also be able to determine the type of software or hardware necessary to complete an objective and understand the functions of different operating systems as well as implement, administer, and troubleshoot a server in a networked environment. Students will be able to apply the principles of modern microcomputer operating systems, network architecture, hardware architecture, and subsystems to network, repair and manage operating systems.

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Students will demonstrate knowledge of programming concepts, logic, design and problem solving techniques. They will develop, deploy and test desktop, distributed, and web applications. Students will be able to write computer programs using fundamental software development skills as well as write computer programs using object –oriented programming features.

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Computer Skills Specialist

Office Technology C.A.S. Computer Skills Specialist Certificate of Applied Science option is designed to prepare students for computer support positions in order to effectively confront the new diverse and multifaceted challenges prevalent in today’s business environment. This option covers current software, customer service, and business communication concepts, while focusing on technological changes in the workplace and information systems at all levels.

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